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Tips for taking babies or toddlers to the Seychelles

Tips for taking babies or toddlers to the Seychelles

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We received this great blog post with tips in for taking babies or toddlers to the Seychelles written by Expat Mum Seychellesmama who lives out in the Seychelles with her husband and young family. These travelling tips are focused on the Seychelles but can really be applied to many hot countries. The blog contains some lovely posts about Seychelles Time, pop over and have a look. You can also follow Seychelles Mama on twitter @ChantelleVR.

So now we have been here for almost 2 years something I’ve realised is that it really is a great place for little kids, I mean, honestly little kids don’t need too much to entertain them…..days at the beach and swimming is perfect fun for them!!!

I thought I’d share some tips for taking babies or toddlers to the Seychelles.

It’s really hot!!

1. There’s lots of lovely swimming to be had for a cool down, but not always shade! Get some UV swimwear for your kiddies!  It’s a great place to take your baby swimming in the Ocean, the water is always warm and more often then not very flat and calm.

2. You’re going to want to cover up your baby outside of the water too, think loose and light clothing, even when its cloudy!  The Seychelles is just south of the equator and so the sun is a lot more powerful than you think, it’s easy to get caught out!

3.  Don’t forget that you will almost certainly have air conditioning in your bedrooms wherever you are staying, so it will be wise to bring something a little warmer for your babies bed time.

4.  I would recommend bringing your own sunscreen with you (both for yourself and your baby), it is available here but not always that easy to get hold of.  It also often more expensive than you would pay at home.  It also means you can get a brand name that you are used to using.

When it rains, it pours:

5. Being a tropical island, you may also experience the rain as well as the lovely sun! It’s pretty torrential and is a spectacle in it’s own right! It can last anywhere from 10 minutes to all day. If the rain has set in, you’re not gonna be going anywhere so maybe bring a movie or some games you can play indoors to keep the little ones occupied!


6. Formula milk is readily available here however there’s very limited choices in terms of brands. You may want to bring you’re own if your baby is partial to a specific brand.

7. I have never been able to buy fresh cows milk. This is something that the big hotels will almost certainly be able to provide however if you are staying self catering or in a smaller hotel you may only be able to get long life milk. If your baby drinks cows milk, maybe try your baby on some of this before you get here so it’s not a shock for them.

8. If your baby is a fussy eater you may want to bring some of the food they like with you. Saying that, you can often get jars of baby food of familiar brands if you need them.

9. Don’t be afraid to ask. Just because a restaurant doesn’t have a specific menu for kids, ask, you will almost certainly be able to get something made up as a child’s portion!  We have never had any issues with this when we have been out to eat here, every one has been very accommodating.  Quite often you will find people in restaurants will offer to take your baby while you are eating too!!


10. I couldn’t do without our pushchair but I have to say it’s not very easy to use them here. There are a lot of roads that do not have payments so you may feel safer using a baby carrier while out and about.

11. You can’t take a pushchair on the bus (or luggage). As a side note, the busses are very regular and very cheap which is great but they don’t run at night.

And finally:

12. Most importantly I would say to remember you are coming to a tropical island, things may not be the same as you get at home, of even if you were going on holiday somewhere more “westernised” but Seychellois really love children, they will do everything to make sure you’re comfortable and happy being here with your baby!

If you are thinking about coming to the Seychelles with your baby or toddler and have any questions please let me know, I’ll do my best to answer any that you have!

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Saturday 11th of February 2017

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