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Decisions, decisions. It can be so difficult to know what to take on your holidays as an adult (will I look totally ridiculous pushing a pram along the beach-front promenade in stilettos*?!), let alone what to take for your baby. One thing I was not leaving behind for our week long trip to Majorca was the Stokke PramPack.

We have been hugely lucky, having been blessed with a few hand-me-down prams/buggies courtesy of my generous sister and brother-in-law (huge shout out to you both!). Although we decided to take our quick-fold buggy for ease and transportability, both our three-wheeler buggy and our Bugaboo (told you we were lucky) would have fit into the Stokke PramPack. In fact, its literature boasts that it can be used with 99% of all ordinary strollers and even 30% of all twin strollers. Wow.

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The PramPack is so fab to use for aeroplane travel (or indeed any form of travel where you are concerned that your precious stroller may get damaged) as it protects your pram when it gets stowed on board the aircraft.

What is it? Well, it’s a brilliant and very cleverly designed travel bag to protect your buggy. It is so simple to use too: no faffing around or worrying about how it works when you are in a stress and hurry by the aeroplane, with the ground staff waiting for you. (Honest, no swear words passed my or my husband’s lips!!)

Stokke PramPack

It is so easy – you literally fold up your buggy and pop it into the PramPack, clip the sides together and then pull the front cover over it to fasten to the top. If you are well-rehearsed, it is a thirty second job by the side of the aircraft (if you are a PramPack virgin, it might take you 45 seconds but I would recommend a few dummy runs before your hols, just so you don’t cave under pressure and you can look very smug, having wowed everyone with your speed and efficiency!) There is an 8 step idiot-proof guide on the Stokke website too, just in case you are uber-worried.
If you need to put your pushchair away prior to the boarding gate then the PramPack comes with handy wheels on the bottom and a material handle enabling you to pull the whole thing along.

Almost my favourite thing about this ingenious piece of travel equipment is its vibrant orange colour. So easy to spot on the carousel! And if someone else has the same great idea as you to travel with a PramPack, there is a useful clear plastic window on the bottom to enable you to put your contact details or business card.

Stokke Prampack
But, the best bit, the very best bit, is how light and easy to carry it is when you aren’t using it. It rolls up into a size only a little bigger and heavier than a yoga mat (well, maybe a sleeping bag) and you can just sling it over your shoulder while you push your baby and buggy. I am still smiling at the compactness of it; it is so user-friendly.
Yes, it is rather on the pricey side at £135 but I personally think it is an invaluable travel tool for protecting your precious pram and it is so lightweight and compact. Unlike the stilettos, it will certainly be coming with us on our two week holiday in August!
NB: Fiona received the Stokke PramPack in order to review it but all her views are her own.

* the answer to this question was a big, fat YES!

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