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Ninja® regards themselves as a pioneer in innovative kitchen appliances, wanting to ensure that even the busiest household can eat fresh and well.  Well with 3 girls permanently on the go we certainly pass the busy household test and I have wanted to find an easier and quicker way to get fruit and vegetables into them for a while.  

Nutri Ninja® have sent us an incredible all in one Kitchen System it’s not only a High Speed Blender, but a Precision Food Processor and Nutrient & Vitamin Extractor in one stylish appliance.  I honestly wish I had had this from when the girls were babies. What a brilliant piece of kit it would have been whilst blending all that baby food!

There are many uses for this fabulous kitchen system.  It chops vegetables quickly and evenly; you can make cakes, pastry or dough but what I’m focusing on in this post is the ability to make smooth, very smooth, smoothies and how brilliant that is when you want to get out of the house quickly.

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Firstly it looks really good!  This version is quite a bit bigger than a blender or nutribullet equivalent but that’s because it does so much more.

Nutri Ninja

I decided I was going to make a very basic smoothie for the girls today from the fantastic website Clean Supper Club.  They have a beautiful website full of fantastic recipes and I would like them to make my meals every day.  This post here has some basic smoothie recipes on and I tried the most Basic Smoothie Recipe for my two including just apple, banana, berries and milk.

For this blender this is actually child’s play.  There are no hard ingredients, no bits and it literally took seconds for it to blitz the ingredients into a healthy smooth drink.

I’m focusing on the word smooth because my kids are new to the world of smoothies.  They have seen me hand blend my breakfast, adding granola and kale and look on in disgust at the bits.  Bits are a thing of the past with this appliance though, it makes very very smooth smoothies which for me with the kids is absolutely brilliant.

Nutri Ninja

Once I had thrown everything in and blended it I did actually take it out of the blender and pour it into two drink cups for the twins to drink out of. That’s because they wouldn’t actually drink all of it.  If I was drinking it then I would have drunk it straight from the blender cup as you can put a drinks cup on top and drink it easily straight from there.

Nutri Ninja

Alternatively and this is where I can get the kids to drink smoothies on the go, I can just pour it into one of our trustworthy drink cups that don’t spill (yes there are some that exist!) and head out on an adventure.

Nutri Ninja
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  1. It looks so swish too! So modern and compact. I’d like to make more smoothies but I’m reluctant to buy any nice gadgets before we move in case they get lost or damaged.
    We have those camelbak cups too. They’re great!!xXx


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