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Adventurous Charity Days Out with Kids?

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Days out with the family can be fun and exciting, but when there’s a cause attached to an event it can also be a meaningful and very worthwhile experience. Doing things for charity doesn’t have to involve boring activities, or ones that won’t keep kids’ attention all day, because there are plenty of adventurous options to get everyone active, making for great fun days out here in the UK.

Chances are most people will know someone who has done something gruelling, like running a marathon for charity, or some other equally impressive endeavour. However, marathons are by no means suitable for the casual jogging enthusiast and to complete such a feat requires a lot of training and dedication in order to get across the finish line.

This means that many people who would love to do cool and exciting stuff for charity have to find other ways to show their support that aren’t such incredible tests of endurance; luckily there are loads of these around the country for people to enjoy.

One of the activities that really helped propel these ideas into the mainstream is of course the Race for Life series, which helps raise money to fight cancer. Such is the ubiquity and general knowledge of these types of events that everybody is now aware of what they are and what they hope to achieve.

The upside of this, obviously apart from the fact that so many get involved in those particular events, is the spin off of additional charity events that now happen all over the UK. This proliferation means many more events are happening all over, and more frequently too. Many of these days are events that the whole family can be involved with, and children can be brought along for the experience even if they don’t enter themselves, as they can watch the parents and older siblings putting themselves through their paces.

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The Tough Mudder event is one of the most popular in the UK right now, and is certainly a very exciting one, as participants have to fight their way through a muddy obstacle course. The event also helps to raise money for Help for Heroes, so families can have a fun day out competing against each other and taking part while also helping a great cause.

The thing with competing in one of these events is that there will inevitably be some fantastic opportunities to capture loved ones pulling hilarious faces whilst they exert themselves, so bring along a disposable camera for the kids to snap their Dad with an action picture the whole family will love. It is also one of those types of events where support can help to push someone to the finish line, so having everyone cheering in the same spot helps to build the sense of community enjoyment for everyone.

With so many opportunities to have a great day out for the whole family whilst being involved in some awesome causes, it is no wonder so many are taking on the challenge. Will you?


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