Review | Our Little Globe Subscription Box

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In these unusual times, one of the things many families are missing is the opportunity to discover other countries with their children.  We were therefore rather excited to be given the chance to embark upon a travel experience, from the kitchen table, with Our Little Globe.

Our Little Globe are monthly adventure activity boxes that teach and inspire children to visit a new country every month with activity craft boxes.

Review | Our Little Globe Subscription Box

Each pack is country specific, with all the contents tailored towards that month’s choice.  The first pack arrives with your very own suitcase, passport, personalised pen pal letter, world map, craft project, 2 recipe cards, a spice pouch, stickers, and colouring poster.  It’s all packaged up inside the sturdy cardboard suitcase and feels like a real treat to open.  The pen pal letter is in an envelope addressed to your child, which is a nice personal touch.  (Subsequent boxes arrive in a lovely sparkly silver jiffy bag, with no suitcase, passport or world map.)

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The instant hit with my 7 and 10-year-old were the craft projects (sent in biodegradable packaging) which were all colourful, simple but fun and came with clear instructions that were easy to follow.  The recipe cards were saved for another day as, not unusually, you never have the right ingredients in the fridge (the paella was delicious and needed minimal adult supervision).  One of the recipe cards is always vegetarian, and is set out like a mini Gousto card, which my children really appreciated as it felt quite grown up to them.

Review | Our Little Globe Subscription Box

The packs are designed to get you thinking, talking and learning about other countries and cultures, with the pen pal letter the main facilitator in thinking about how life is different for children all over the globe.  After completing the activities, the children completed a new page in their passport, sticking in the appropriate country flag, ticking off the activities and writing a cool fact they had learned.

Each pack will occupy your child for approximately 1-2 hours, including the cooking activity, depending on how careful they are when crafting (my 7 year old son competed the activities much quicker than my 10 year old daughter for instance).  I’d suggest that to get the most out of the packs, your child would need to do the activities with an adult, if not the potential to discuss and learn would be lost.

Review | Our Little Globe Subscription Box

There is certainly an excitement to receiving the pack in the post each month.  The 6 month plan, which is apparently the most popular, comes in at £12.40 monthly.  Personally, I do not consider that the packs are suitable for sharing.  If you are going to do all the activities, rather than just the craft for example, then this is a lovely way to spend time with your child widening their horizons and passion for travel.


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