Camping Paella Recipe

Camping Paella

This recipe for Camping Paella was introduced to me by the Twinkle Diaries on a fabulously lovely camping weekend.

You can see the lovely video of the weekend that Caro made in which you can see everyone sitting down at various camping tables out together and covered by a large tablecloth. When you camp with the Twinkle Diaries there is never an excuse to eat badly or drink badly either.

This paella recipe makes paella for 12-14. There is a Recipe below.

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First you need to invest in a large paella pan that will sit on top of the bbq. When we came home from the weekend I bought this one:

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You can then either cut up the ingredients before you go and pop them in Tupperware boxes or do this when you get there. Depends how much camping equipment, knives, cutlery etc you’re taking with you.

Ingredients for Camping Paella

You will need:

3 large Spanish onions

3 large red peppers

5-6 cloves of garlic

Smoked Paprika

800g chicken thigh / breast (cut into bite size pieces)

Full chorizo sausage (cut into bite sized pieces)

Frozen prawns

Sliced green beans

Frozen peas

3 Chicken stock

900g Risotto rice / Paella Rice

Olive oil

How to make Camping Paella

Fry the onion, pepper, chicken, chorizo and garlic in a few dashes of olive oil for around 5 minutes until the chicken and onions are browned. Keep moving it all around the pan and add more olive oil if needed.

Once these ingredients are browned add the rice and fry that for 2-3 minutes.

Then add the chicken stock cubes and 750ml of boiling water. Make sure the pan is secure on the bbq before doing so as this will all get very hot.

When the liquid starts to bubble keep stirring the ingredients from time to time, and add the further 1500ml of boiling water. Try not to let the ingredients stick to the bottom of the pan.

After the paella has been cooking for 10 minutes add the green beans and the peas together with the smoked paprika and the prawns. The vegetables and the prawns will cook in the liquid.

All together you will cook the paella for between 20-30 minutes depending on the heat you’ve been able to achieve and how quickly everything will cook.

Serve with love, a cocktail or two, and eat ideally at a long table with Sunflowers! Mr D (below) takes all of his cocktail making equipment and treats all the adults in their camp to delicious concoctions; including, Turbo Gin and Tonics and — my absolute favourite — the classic Mojito.

Camping Paella

Why not PIN this Camping Paella recipe

Why not PIN this Camping Paella recipe
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