Review of The Heights of Abraham

the heights of Abraham

What is The Heights of Abraham?

The Heights of Abraham is a tourist attraction in Matlock on Bath, Peak District. It consists of a cable car ride up to an award winning estate where you can look our across the Peak District and take in some fantastic views. Once at the top you will also find several activities for you and your family to enjoy, including two caverns that you can explore with a tour guide, a watch tower, hill side parks and a nature reserve.

Who is Heights of Abraham best suited for?

This attraction is great for kids and adults alike. It is a great day out for all ages including young children who will love the play parks. You can even take the dogs with you, the only place they can’t go is in the caverns.

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Our review of The heights of Abraham

We arrived early and didn’t have to queue long as the cable cars are constantly moving with about 4 minutes between each set of cars. The ride up is great, the views are amazing and all three children (4, 11 and 14) really enjoyed it.

the heights of Abraham

We were greeted at the top by a lovely member of staff who talked us through the attraction and explained the map to us. On her recommendation we did the Rutland Cavern tour first which was great. The tour guide was in a top hat and waist coat and was very animated and informative. He made a great effort to include the children in the tour and got them involved in demonstrations too. The tour took about 25 minutes and was very enjoyable.

The second tour is of the Mason Cavern and it takes 45 minutes. This one is a little harder to navigate due to the smaller walk ways and numerous steps and isn’t advised for small children or those with heart concerns and mobility issues. Personally I preferred this tour. It was very informative and I found it fascinating listening to the tales of the miners and Mt tinker. My son, Connor (11), was also really engaged in this tour and even asked the tour guide a couple of questions as he wanted to know more about the miners and the different rocks we could see. If your child is currently learning about rock formation or mining then this tour will be great for them.

As well as the two cavern tours we also made use of both the parks which were enjoyed by all three kids. Their favourite was the one to the left as you disembark from the cable car as it has two pretty big slides that go from one level to the next as well as some good climbing equipment.

We had such a good time that we ended up staying longer than we anticipated so as we didn’t have our usual packed lunch with us we dined in the cafe where were able to get a seat outside on the veranda with incredible views, the perfect spot for a pit stop.

Then after lunch it was off to explore some more with the inside exhibit, the butterfly trail and the watch tower before riding the cable car once more down to the bottom.

Overall we had a wonderful day, it was educational and fun and had plenty to keep us occupied all day. If you are in the area then we highly recommend taking a look at The Heights of Abraham.

Some things to note ahead of your visit

You need to pay for parking and if you haven’t been before I would recommend paying for a full day as you may stay longer than you expect, especially if it is busy and you need to queue for the tours or cable car ride back down. Nothing worse then stressing about your parking, that being said if you do book a shorter stay you can extend your parking on the app whilst in the attraction if you remember and can get signal!

Secondly, as you are likely to stay the day I would recommend taking a packed lunch and some drinks with you or factor in the price of eating in the cafe as once up there there are vey few options and to give you an example of prices a can of coke in the cafe is £3 and a portion of loaded chips is £8.95. They do however have plenty of places for picnics where you can eat your lunch and take in the views.

Wear sensible shoes. There are lots of steps and steep walks in The Heights of Abraham and the mines are wert and uneven so be prepared to get your steps in with some comfortable and well gripped shoes.

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