Traveling the Turkish Turquoise Coast by Car

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Driving along the Turquoise Coast of Turkey provides you with an epic road trip adventure. This wonderful coastline in southwestern Turkey extends from the Aegean to the Mediterranean Sea, with its pretty coastal villages, immaculate beaches, hidden coves, and fantastic ancient sites. Hiring a car allows you to plan your movement independently, with the possibility of changing the route offered by the coast and mountains and also booking through Pegasus Airlines for pleasant travel.

Begin your journey in the coastal town of Bodrum, an ideal first stop for discovering the north of the Turquoise Coast that the Aegean Sea hugs. Walk through the 15th-century St. Peter Castle, which the Knights of St. John built as their fortress during the Crusades. It is within that you will find ruins of royal tombs, baths, an early Christian church, and a number of small museums that have archaeological materials collected from the area. The gorgeous castle also offers wonderful views over the sparkling harbor of Bodrum below, which is full of private yachts and boats offering daily trips to the nearby bays and beaches.

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After Bodrum, drive towards the west and first call in the gentle village of Gümüşlük. It is known to have top-quality restaurants, art galleries, and ruins of the ancient city of Myndos. From here, go on to Turgutreis, where colorful markets offer fresh produce and Turkish handicrafts. At the beach outside of town, you can just sit back and relax by enjoying water sports rentals and beach clubs. As we move further south, Yalikavak attracts a wealthier crowd, who are drawn by the exclusive pavilions and glamorous nightlife.

Traveling inland, you will find Milas, a city founded around 1000 BC, where you can visit the Roman baths and the temple of Zeus, which dates back to the 2nd century AD. To the east of Milas, past the Belenli village, lies Labranda, a major religious center of ancient times. Hike up to discover the preserved temple facades and mosaic floors among beautiful mountain landscapes.

Head back to the coast near Milas just south of it and have a look at the mesmerizing Blue Lagoon of Ölüdeniz. With its calm, crystal-clear waters, it is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing on the beaches. There are no visits that are not over without an expedition from the top of the 1975 meter (6483 ft) Babadağ Mountain for the amazing aerial views flying over the beach and secluded coves below.

Further east leads you to the Fethiye, a lively port town with an old feeling. Check out the cliffs overlooking the town with Lycian rock tombs from the fourth century BC. Beneath, the waterfront promenade of Fethiye is laden with restaurants and shops; the old fishing boats at rest in the harbor sit moored and still.

Further, along the coast, Kalkan offers a calm retreat with its Centre houses of whitewashed Ottoman origin flowing down to the glittering sea. This place is ideal for a day of sea kayaking since the underwater ruins of Kekova Island make it possible to paddle over those submerged streets and buildings. There is also a variety of food choices, from kebab eateries to 5-star Turkish restaurants.

Finish your journey in the seaside town of Kaş, which is famous for its calm atmosphere and active nightlife. Experience a boat trip around the underwater town of Kekova to see its ruins from the sea. Kaş town is worth a stroll, crossing the narrow lanes and finally enjoying a chilled beer on a rooftop. The nearby Patara (18 km or 11 mi long) consists of a sandy shoreline spotted with the remnants of Lycian and Roman buildings sheltered under the dunes.

Traveling along the Turquoise Coast offers the alluring combination of freedom and discovery that would perfectly suit a one-week journey or a more leisurely one for two weeks. This scenic stretch of the coastline holds out the promise of infinite opportunities, and it makes visitors eager to sketch their unique odysseys, which correspond to their passions and timelines. Whether you thrive in the ecstasy of the nightlife or seek peace in the soundless beaches, the coast of Turquoise is your paradise. The adrenaline junkies will be delighted with breathtaking and thrilling escapades. At the same time, the history buffs will enjoy plunging into the fascinating world of legends and myths wrapped around the ancient sites. At each turn and bend, the coast unfolds the most mesmerizing landscapes drenched in sunshine, from sunny and sandy shores to quiet fishing harbors, creating moments of infused wonder and endless possibility. Considering that this journey is about self-discovery, the only border is the horizon, and let the Turquoise Coast unravel its treasures in your own time.

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