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Review Club Tropicana at Liverpool Empire
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Review Club Tropicana at Liverpool Empire

What can I say about Club Tropicana at the Liverpool Empire last night. Well I laughed a lot. An awful lot. Albeit there were definitely times when I’m not sure I was laughing at the right bits.

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I was definitely at times laughing incredulously at some of the scenes – are they really doing that, did they really say that, am I really seeing that….

Like Fame that we saw earlier this year, this was a production that didn’t really work for me. Again like Fame all of the actors danced and sang their hearts out and there wasn’t a weak link in the show, even with two understudies stepping up to play Olly and Christine in the opening night performance at the Liverpool Empire.

The reason the show didn’t work for me wasn’t the actors though at all it was the script or the lack of it. The links to the songs were clunky at best and the crude, practically panto style of language in the performance was off putting. I didn’t expect to hear comments like ‘tight snatch’ in a light hearted fun show even one set in the 80’s.

Granted, the programme notes by producer Mark Goucher do say “We have tried to make a fun show with some great music – we are not trying to win any prizes – [just] let the show wash over you. ” I just think some of the show was a bit unnecessary.

Wirral’s very own Kate Robbins received fantastic support from her first moment on stage. She really was the star of the show playing the crazy cleaner Consuela her impressions of Mrs Thatcher and Cilla standing out for me, together with the amazing Adam Ant costume.

Whilst X-Factor star Joe McElderry looks like he’s having fun, I can’t imagine this was where he wanted to find himself when he left the show. His role felt old fashioned, and sadly not in a good way.

This is however only my view of the show, it certainly didn’t feel like the view of the majority of the audience who laughed (at the right bits) and got on board with the upbeat feeling of the show. It wasn’t for me, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be for you.

You can read a couple more positive reviews here from the Wirral Globe and Liverpool Echo.

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