Reasons Not to Take Young Children to Lapland

Lapland With Kids, What You Need To Know. Photo Credit Karen Beddow Mini Travellers .-2

While Lapland is a magical destination, there are also reasons why you might choose not to take young children.

Extremely Cold Weather, Will The kids Cope?

Photo Credit: Karen Beddow Mini Travellers.

Lapland can experience extremely cold temperatures, especially during the winter months. Young children may struggle to cope with the cold, even with proper clothing, and the harsh climate might not be suitable for them.

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Limited Daylight Hours

Lapland With Kids, What You Need To Know. Photo Credit Sarah Christie, Adobe Firefly.
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie, Adobe Firefly.

Lapland experiences short daylight hours, with some parts not seeing the sun for extended periods during the winter. This can be challenging for young children who may need regular outdoor activities and playtime.

Expensive, It Costs A LOT

Photo Credit Sarah Christie Extraordinary Chaos

Lapland is known for being an expensive destination. The cost of accommodations, activities, and even food can add up quickly, making it a substantial investment for a family. Young children may not fully appreciate or remember the experience, making it less cost-effective.

Will They Remember All The Magic

Lapland With Kids, What You Need To Know. Photo Credit Karen Beddow, Mini Travellers
Photo Credit: Karen Beddow, Mini Travellers

Yes, a trip to Lapland will forge wonderful memories for us parents, but if the kiddies are to young they may not even remember.

Tiring Travel

Tips for Flying with kids, Photo Credit Deposit Photos.
Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

Traveling to Lapland typically involves long flights or train journeys, followed by additional transportation to reach your destination within the region. Young children may become tired and restless during these journeys, which can make the trip less enjoyable for everyone.

What is the Best Age to Take Kids to Lapland?

Photo Credit: Karen Beddow Mini Travellers .

The best age to take kids to Lapland varies depending on your family’s preferences and the activities you want to enjoy. School-aged children (6-12) are often considered ideal, as they can participate in various activities. Teenagers can engage in more physically demanding adventures but may have different interests. Ultimately, it depends on your family’s circumstances and what you hope to experience in Lapland.

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