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cockfields farm

Earlier this week we were invited to the Mini Christmas Experience at Cockfields Farm. It is an immersive experience that lasts between 1 and 1.5 hours with the option to stay on the farm as long as you like. It is priced at £13 for adults and £22 for children with tickets for under 1’s being discounted to £10. The price includes a meet and greet with Santa, a teddy which is priced at £10 in the gift shop, the experiences reviewed below and access to the farm. The mini Christmas experience is aimed primarily at toddlers and pre schoolers and takes place during term time only.

When we arrived at Cockfields Farm it was lovely to see that all the staff had been replaced by elves, even those not working directly with Santa but who were on the till and in the cafe too, as it made it feel very festive and exciting from the vey start. We were greeted by a very helpful elf who checked us in quickly and showed us where to go to start our Christmas experience where a second cheerful elf was then on hand to help us fill in our passport and let Santa know that we had arrived.

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As soon as Santa was free we were invited in to his grotto where he took his time to speak to us and ask about our Christmas plans. It was clear to me that this was indeed the real Santa and not a random impersonator! He was lovely and cheerful and took his time with our very shy little girl before gifting her a magical gold coin that she could use in the workshop.

We were even encouraged to take our own photos with Santa despite the fact that the elves were taking some that we could later purchase.

cockfields farm

Once we were finished chatting with Santa we were lead through to the next experience, Santa’s workshop. Here an elf asked if we had a coin to spend and gave a choice of two stuffed toys to spend it on. It was a hard decision but in the end it was the bear that won her heart.

Armed with a gorgeous new teddy we moved to the elf post office. Here we had the third activity, letter writing, where we had the opportunity to use one of the lovely letter templates and write our Christmas lists before posting them in the special post.

Having posted our letters we found ourselves in Tinsel Town which was full of lovely little festive houses, a great spot for some pictures, and surrounded by lots of animals. One elf even invited us over to meet a couple of Santa’s rabbits.

Once we left this area we were free to explore the other experiences and farm at our leisure. We decided to go straight in to the story telling session that was about to start and sat on the hay bales watching Prancer and Dancer in their stable and listening to an elf read us The Night Before Christmas.

From here we ventured over to the barn and hand fed the animals. There were so many friendly goats eager to be fed and they certainly made us laugh.

It is in here that we also found the reindeer food station. You pick a bag for your little one and help them fill it up with magical reindeer food that they can then sprinkle on the lawn on Christmas eve so Santa knows where to stop.

At 12 there was a session in Mrs Clauses Kitchen so we headed there next. A helpful elf gave us a gingerbread man, some icing and smarties and we had fun decorating them to take home to eat later.

It was then time for a quick coffee to warm up before we headed home full of festive cheer.

Our overall review of Cockfields Farm Mini Christmas Experience

Overall the Christmas at Cockfields Farm experience was lovely. The Santa was very realistic and was happy to pose for as many pictures as we wanted using our own phones even though they take official ones you can buy too.

Every section that you do is lovely and has something different to offer that adds to the festive feeling and allows children to experience something different and at no point did we feel rushed.

The only negative bit of feedback I would give is that in Mrs Clauses kitchen we were handed the gingerbread kit and that was it. There was no introduction from the elf, or discussion with the children about where they were or what they were doing and no guidance on when or what to do. It obviously wasn’t a very hard task so parents could easily lead their children with the decorating but it wasn’t very magical either and I think this one area did let them downs it was a missed opportunity to make it a magical and interactive experience. That being said it didn’t ruin our visit at all and we would still recommend it for those with toddlers or pre-schoolers.

In addition to the Christmas experiences we also loved the carousel ride which the children can go on as many times as they like and hand feeding the animals which was a lovely experience that doesn’t normally go hand in hand with meeting Santa so made it extra special.

Overall we had a wonderful time, it was festive and fun and worth the money.

Extra costs

As with most Christmas experiences there are some extra costs along the way, however you do not need to do any these to enjoy your visit, but just so that you know in advance these include:

  • Animal feed £1.80 a bag, I would recommend if you can
  • Photographs from £15
  • Marshmallow toasting (at weekends only) £5 per person
  • Food and drink in the cafe although picnics are welcome
  • There is also a gift shop that you need to walk through to leave.

If you are looking for a Santa experience and not just a meet and greet then Cockfields Farm is the one to book.

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