Pottery Workshop in Marrakech with Kids

Pottery Workshop in Marrakech with Kids

During our week in Marrakech with kids for February Half Term we were lucky enough to do the most amazing pottery workshop in Marrakech arranged by Original Travel.

Our pottery workshop was utterly authentic. It didn’t take place at a bench in a clean workshop with an English speaking teacher. It took place in an actual potters workshop in the heart of Marrakech with Mr Mohammed who has been making pottery in the exact same location we were in since he was 24 and he’s slightly older than that now.

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We were collected from our hotel by a driver with a guide and taken to Mr Mohammed’s workshop. We were greeted warmly and shown straight into the workshop.

Our first stop at the workshop was the rooftop where all the clay was stored and we were shown how it was mixed and made and then thrown down to the floor below. This was not only fascinating but there were some brilliant views from the rooftop too.


We then all took turns in putting the clay through the ‘sausage’ machine so that it came out packed and ready to use. It was harder than it looked, but Mr Mohammed had designed and made the machine to his own specification.

After the clay had been squeezed we had a demonstration about how to make a few different items from the same piece of clay. Mr Mohammed clearly made the whole job look incredibly easy and made 5 different pots in less than 5 minutes. Then it was our turn….

Pottery Workshop in Marrakech with Kids

After we had been given our clay we had to choose which of the potters wheels we should use. There was two basic electric potters wheels and two manual ones you had to climb into! I should perhaps of been wearing long trousers rather than a long dress to attempt to do that! The result was fairly amusing.

Mr Mohammed and our guide from were really kind in the way they showed us how to make our pots and how they assisted us when we couldn’t quite do it. Although Dad and Lily were definitely the best, we all had a really good time trying to make things and getting excited when things looked remotely like a pot!

I’d highly recommend this activity if you’re in Marrakech with kids 9+ – it’s rustic, fun and gives you a real insight into how the pots you might buy in the souks are made! Lots of similar options available with Original Travel including mosaic making which was just next door!

You can book the workshop as part of a wider trip to Marrakech or Morocco, along with lots of other family-friendly activities with Original Travel.

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