Mamma Mia the Musical Review | The Winter Gardens Blackpool

Mamma Mia the Musical Review | Liverpool Empire

If you need of a dose of sunshine, laughter and incredible music then head to the Winter Gardens in Blackpool for the much anticipated Mamma Mia U.K. tour! Running until Saturday 1st April it will fill your evening with so much joy and warmth you might feel that you are basking in sunshine on a Greek island!  

For the past two decades Mamma Mia has been dazzling audiences around the world, the party atmosphere on stage shines though in every scene.

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Whether you first saw Mamma Mia on stage or at the cinema the chemistry of the cast filled with timeless Abba songs creates one of the most feel good juke box musicals I’ve ever seen.  

Mamma Mia simply is one of the biggest crowd pleasers on stage right now!

The show tells the story of Sophie Sheridan, who lives with her mother, Donna, on a beautiful Greek island. Sophie’s getting married and wants to invite her father to the wedding – the only problem is, that her father could be one of three men. So, to her mother’s horror, she invites all three to the island!

An all star cast with strong female characters celebrates a single mother’s love for her only child. Paired with the classics from Abba as soon as the overture begins the audience are cheering and singing along which only builds the atmosphere as the show goes on.

Mamma Mia the Musical Review | Liverpool Empire

The casting for this show has been such a huge success . Sarah Poyzer who has been in the show for a number of years certainly isn’t tiring! An outstanding performance and vocals which are spine tingling gives every ounce of energy and enthusiasm to the show. The trio which included Sarah Ernshaw (Tanya) and Nicky Swift (Rosie)  is sisterhood at its finest! With so much chemistry and humour between them they had the audience laughing out loud.. Jess Michaelmore who plays Sophie was truly outstanding, her vocals, energy and enthusiasm enhanced every scene.

The set is simply idyllic , fairy light, soft colours and mood lighting create  a set that compliments the singing and acting. I dreamed of sun-drenched days on a remote Greek island on the way home! One can dream!

The dancers dazzled,  as each of the ABBA songs unfolds the dancing and chemistry between the actors becomes more exuberant. The audience was tapping and singing along desperate to jump out of their seats and join in! The finale saw a rendition of Dancing Queen when the  audience got its wish and Blackpool was on its feet clapping, waving and singing along.

Mamma Mia at The Winter Gardens really was the perfect antidote for a dark cold Wednesday night, you leave feeling like you’ve had 2.5 hours of pure escapism whilst in the theatre. Bravo!

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