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Obsessed with your phone? What phone accessories do you use?

Obsessed with your phone? What phone accessories do you use?

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As a blogger I am pretty obsessed with my i-Phone 6. I use it ALL the time. I use it for social media, to read and send emails, to take photos, message people on What’s App, Messenger and Text, and sometimes to even make phone calls!

But what accessories do I use?

1 Stripe Turbo Charger

As a result of doing all these things on my phone, it often runs out of battery. The i-Phone 6 has a better battery life than the i-Phone 5 did, but the days of a phone battery lasting all week, went with the Nokia 5210! That being said I wasn’t using it to access the internet back then.  My lifeline these days is the Stripe Turbo Charger. It lives in my handbag, that is unless my hubby has stolen it for his train journeys. I have recommended it to loads of people. It is more expensive than some chargers, but it works!


2 Avo Selfie Stick

Available at Sainsbury’s local, these things are a lot of fun.  Here are a few photos of us messing around with it at home, but expect lots of photos when we are out and about as it makes taking those photos if us as a family of 5 much easier. The kids also love it!  We have a cable version rather than a bluetooth version which I think works better as you don’t have to turn the bluetooth on and off whilst taking photos.



3 Zagg speaker case

Now this is an amazing piece of kit and will be brilliant for our travels.  At £99 this is not the cheapest i-Phone case, but then it isn’t just a protective case for your phone; it is a power pack and a speaker too.

The speaker part of the case is removable.  The website boasts that the wireless Bluetooth speaker boosts music, conference calls, videos, and games.   We have used it to play music in a hotel room, my husband has used it for a conference call at work, it has charged both our phones (with 1800mAh backup power) and the sound is absolutely brilliant. We love it!!

If you can afford this, then I would buy it, you can have loads of fun with it and it will be useful too, what’s not to love.


4 Eyefi Mobi WiFi memory card

We went to the V Festival this weekend with friends, used all the products above actually, and half way through the day my hubby pulled out a camera. Our friends were all surprised to see him using a camera (that wasn’t his DSLR) until he explained that it had some sort of magic in it.  This was the only way one of our friends would accept that the pictures would transfer automatically from the camera to the phone! I am sure there is a more technical explanation as to how it all works, but trust me, you don’t need that.  All you really need to know is that you can take photos on your camera, it emits its own wifi, and the photos will transfer from your camera to your phone!! We did this, we automatically sent all the photos to each other with a What’s App group and everyone was happy.  With 90 days free membership to Eyefi Cloud and for £33.99 for 8GB/ Available from and this is a fantastic addition to your phone/camera kit.


Tech 21 Patriot

I have needed this case for ages.  I have broken all my other phones and have always had cases, but for some reason have not got round to buying one for my i-Phone 6.  Why do we do this when our phones are one of the most expensive things we carry around with us all day, and one of the most well used.  Anyhow thankfully I have now been sent a Patriot case by Tech 21. Admittedly it isn’t the most attractive phone cover I have ever had (and it is quite expensive at £39.99). I’ve had pretty Cath Kidston ones and ones with photos of the kids on before, but this is very very strong and robust and is also dust and splash proof, with acoustic vents which protect all those little holes from water, dust and dirt.  I honestly don’t know what can go wrong with it.  I’m sure the kids will find some way of breaking my phone, they usually do, but seemingly this is indestructible!.



6 SteelSeries Stratus Controller

Last but not least we have a SteelSeries Stratus Wireless Gaming Controller to giveaway that works perfectly with the iPhone and iPad.  It is great for gaming on the iPad and iPhone because it is wireless, connected by bluetooth, and fully charged it has 10 hours of game play. It would be perfect for older children to have in the car on long car journeys as it is small, neat and comes with a cover. To enter our competition simply follow Mini Travellers on Twitter and RT/share this post.


NB: We were sent a number of these products for the purpose of this review but all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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Monday 14th of December 2015

a hard case to protect it when i drop it

Tammy Neal

Thursday 17th of September 2015

Charger :)

Kate Sabin-Burns

Thursday 17th of September 2015

docking station to listen to music

Stephen Little

Wednesday 16th of September 2015

Only a charger!

Wednesday 16th of September 2015


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