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One of our essentials for travelling with toddlers is the iPad. We have embraced it.  It works.   It keeps them and us sane on a long journey: but what do you do if you get in the car and the iPad isn’t charged or you have done a long journey and haven’t charged it to go back?!? It can be a crisis.

As a blogger I also use my phone a lot, and I mean a lot. I am forever taking photos and uploading to Instagram/Facebook/Twitter which drains the battery quicker than it would do if I was a ‘normal’ person!

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So what do I use: well I use the Stripe Turbo Charger. I was introduced to this amazing charger by my friend Sarah from Extraordinary Chaos at a conference when my phone was nearly flat, she had it packed in her handbag and it charged my phone in ten minutes. The charger then went on to charge at least two other people’s phones.  In fact the blurb about this amazing charger suggests when it is fully charged it will charge an iPhone 6 6.5 times! I’m not sure even I could end up with a flat phone then.

The charger is incredibly useful for travelling and will be a must pack every time we go anywhere. At £39.95 it is certainly not the cheapest turbo charger on the market but it is the best we have tried and we have tried a few. Hubby commutes to work and his phone is always flat so this will permanently live in his work bag, when it isn’t living in my travel bag!  The only fight we are going to  have is who needs to charge it up!

Highly recommended!

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