Geronimo Festival – Top Tips


An absolutely amazing day at the Geronimo Festival!!!

First top tip is definitely go! Even if it is raining you will have a ball.There are lots of tents with activities in and lots of activities in the trees.

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Gates open at 10am, arrive earlier park up and be ready to go in when it opens. If you want to buy tickets on the day the ticket booth was open when we got there at 9.45.

After the gates open at 10, head straight to the back of the park in the direction of the Helter Skelter. Go on this whilst the queues are short as this had the longest queues all day. It’s really good fun.

Behind the Helter Skelter you’ll find the donkey rides and the Shetland ponies: again I’d recommend going on these before the queues build up. We had the pasture to ourselves with the ponies, ducklings, chicks and tarantulas!

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There is a really good selection of food (pizza, hot dogs, indian, pasta, fishfingers and chips to name a few) but also water stations to refill bottles, and loads of picnic areas to eat your own picnics. Fill a rucksack with snacks and you can keep going whilst others are eating. Again queues were shorter at lunch.

Save the craft tent (Funky Junk) until the end of the day, as we struggled to get ours out. As one Mum was overheard saying – I haven’t paid £25 for you to sit around gluing! BTW the £25 is well worth paying for all the rest! My gorls made butterfly masks, glittery rubber ducks and I saw some children painting pictures.

You need to book a place at the table for the cookery lessons (in Funky Junk) if your kids want to do it. Mine made little cheesecakes.

The pig show was a little odd. It’s a ten minute show so if the queue for this is large I’d skip it. If you are going to watch it I won’t spoil the surprise by telling you what went on!

The queues for the rest of the activities were very short all day. It never felt overcrowded and it was easy to get drinks, use the toilets and do everything you wanted to do. The shows on the main stage were good fun, and we of course made time for Mr Bloom!

We were literally there from 10-5 and there were so many more things we could have done. I really wanted to see the dancing sheep and the circus but we ran out of time. Hopefully next year Geronimo Festival! Little map below so you can start to plan your day.

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  1. Wow, it looks like you had a fab day. Your girls are so brave being that near to a tarantula. I would have stuck with the chicks. And a photo with Mr Bloom. Fab! Amazing tips too for anyone attending. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

  2. Looks like you had a fantastic day! I haven’t seen a helter skelter for years, I bet the girls really enjoyed that one. Thanks for linking up with #SundayStars xxx


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