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Travel Tips: Constellation Luggage

Travel Tips: Constellation Luggage

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I recently wrote a post about the fact that we didn’t have much luggage here at Mini Travellers and I think someone was listening, as I now have another two sets.  These Constellation Luggage sets are absolutely stunning and positively girlie!  I love them,  Luckily there are four girly girls in our house, and only one of the boy variety! Not sure how happy Hubby is going to be pulling these!

But the challenge when they arrived was how to test them. We aren’t actually going away again until October half term, so we needed to try something else.  When you see your luggage being ‘handled’ at the airport, and for handled read thrown around, stood on, chucked about and dropped. I thought my girls could give the luggage a run for its money, by ‘handling’ it in the garden.

Check out our video of the ‘handling’.

The photos (and the outakes) are below – but how did the luggage fare?

Galloway Results

The bright pink hard cased Galloway suitcases are a little dirtier than they were before but stood up very well to being climbed and stood upon.  They were light enough for the girls to pull round the garden, even with each other in, and they look amazing.

The Galloway set retails at £189.99 but there are equivalent sets on offer now for £110 for a 20″ 24″ and 28″.

Blue Spot Results

The oil cloth blue spotty luggage has a totally different feel to it, it is soft yet seems incredibly hard wearing. This luggage doesn’t look like it has been dragged round the garden, it is the perfect colour for hiding marks.

The whole set wheels well on grass and on a hard surface, and is the right size for a four year old to curl up inside (useful info!).

The only difficult but now will be, who takes what on our next holiday. Which daughter will get to claim which bag!!


Summer Days
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Saturday 7th of January 2017

Just been to Australia (10 flights) and the blue and white spotty suitcase looked just the same when we arrived home as when we started our trip. Definitely recommend them, very robust but lightweight too.

Mini Travellers

Sunday 8th of January 2017

wow thanks for letting us know


Thursday 3rd of September 2015

This is bloody brilliant! I love your girls. I think they should be testers for a whole host of products as I would definitely want to know that anything that I bought had passed this sort of rigorous tests! Thanks for linking up to #SummerDays - hope you can join us for our final week!

Sabrina (The Mummy Stylist)

Wednesday 2nd of September 2015

Haha, I love how you've tested the suitcase out! They are really colourful, just how I like them :-) Sabrina xx #summerdays

Emma's Mamma

Friday 28th of August 2015

Love the way you got your girls to 'test' them! They are just the cutest! #SummerDays

Merlinda Little

Friday 28th of August 2015

Looks awesome and love the colors! You can definitely spot that in the conveyor even from a far!


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.