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Travel Tips: Z Frame Suitcases

Travel Tips: Z Frame Suitcases

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Even though we love travel here at Mini Travellers, we have never really had good luggage. We’ve borrowed it from my parents and we’ve used suit cases we have had for years. We’ve also used bags that must weigh more than the clothes inside them. However with the average weight restrictions on airlines decreasing year on year, having the right luggage is becoming more and more important.

We are flying with Jet2 when we go to Sea Garden in Turkey at Half Term with Mark Warner and whilst their luggage weight is actually really quite generous at 22kg, we have kept costs down by only booking 3 bags for the 5 of us. This means that we need to make sure our bags are as light as they can be, so we can stuff them full of all the things we need to take on our holidays that make life easier.

Before we flew to Greece this summer, we were lucky enough to be sent some Z Frame suitcases to review.  Described on their website as ‘Very very light but seriously strong’.  These bags are also seriously striking.  We received the turquoise bags and whilst initially I thought they may be a little girlie for my husband he didn’t seem to think that at all. The benefit of the colour was that they were incredibly easy to spot in the sea of black bags on the carousel on arrival in Greece and when we arrived back in Manchester.

They have a soft grip long aluminium handle that is easy to pull out of the bag to pull around.  It locks into place both extended or retracted and for some reason it seems easier to manage (possibly because it is a little thicker) than your average suitcase handle.  The wheels have a 360 degree swivel on them which make them really easy to pull, and all 3 of our girls were actually able to pull them.

We have a set of three suitcases and have now used all of them. The sizes are:

SMALL 18″ SIZE: 55 x 32 x 20cm WEIGHT: 1.98KG CAPACITY: 30 Litres (Hand Luggage)

MEDIUM 22″ SIZE: 67 x 41 x 22.5cm WEIGHT: 2.4KG CAPACITY: 51 Litres

LARGE 26″  SIZE: 77 x 50 x 25cm WEIGHT: 2.99KG CAPACITY: 83 Litres

Even fully stuffed they were light enough to pull, by all of us and even after the girls pushing them over, the airline staff throwing them onto the plane, and the taxi man dropping one out of the boot – they still look good as new!  We’ll definitely be using these Z Frame cases for years to come.

Z Frame Luggage

Z Frame Luggage

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