Parks In Liverpool For Families To Check Out

Liverpool Park

Sometimes you need a break from the city, and taking the kids some of the best parks in Liverpool is the perfect solution. 

It can be hard to imagine expansive areas of greenery. Especially when you’re surrounded by buildings. But dotted all around Liverpool you will find beautiful parks that are open to the public and perfect for families to let off a little steam. Most of these also have playgrounds to entertain children. 

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There are so many fun things to do in Liverpool with kids, but visiting the park and getting out in the fresh air is one of my favourites. So, if you’re having cabin fever, here are some of the best parks in Liverpool that the whole family will enjoy.

Parks In Liverpool To Take The Family

Sefton Park

Sefton Park in Liverpool is an absolute gem that should not be missed during your visit to the city. Spread across a vast 200-acre area; this historic park is a true haven for nature lovers and amazing for families seeking a day of outdoor adventure. 

As you step foot into Sefton Park, you’ll instantly be captivated by the greenery, the lakes, and the delightful Victorian charm. One of the park’s most iconic features is the Palm House, a magnificent glass structure that houses a mesmerising array of exotic plants. Stepping inside feels like entering a tropical wonderland.

Sefton Park is great for outdoor enthusiasts, offering places for joggers, cyclists, and walkers.

But it’s not just about the green spaces and natural beauty; Sefton Park is also a hub of cultural events and festivities throughout the year. From vibrant music concerts to lively festivals, there’s always something happening at Sefton Park.

Sefton Park Has A Fantastic Playground

Yes, Sefton Park in Liverpool does have a playground, making it a fantastic destination for families with children. The playground provides a safe and enjoyable play area for kids of all ages. It has swings, slides, climbing frames, and interactive structures.

Parking At Sefton Park 

There are plenty of parking areas around Sefton Park. And you have the additional benefit of on-street parking for those days when the park is exceptionally busy. 

You can access the 200-acre park via various routes, making it easily accessible no matter which direction you’re coming from. And the best part is—parking is completely free!

Special Events At Sefton Park

On top of the incredible grounds, Sefton Park also puts on many special events throughout the year. From sing-a-longs and HIIT classes to craft clubs and teddy bear picnics, there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

To see what’s happening month-by-month at Sefton Park, it’s best to head to their website’s What’s On section. There, you can look at all of the special events to see which ones interest you and your family. Because honestly, I’d be here forever if I were to list them all—that’s how great Sefton Park is!

Sefton Park Address

Sefton Park, South Liverpool, L17 1AJ

Sefton Park
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Stanley Park

Stanley Park in Liverpool is spread across 111-acres and holds Green Flag and Green Heritage award-winning status. You may know it as it’s famous for dividing the home grounds of the Liverpool and Everton Football Clubs. 

Some of the park’s best natural features include lakes, flower displays, and well-manicured gardens. But there are also pathways for a relaxing afternoon walk or a peaceful bike ride with your kids.

One of the standout attractions of Stanley Park, however, is its iconic Victorian conservatory—Isla Gladstone. The park also has a range of recreational activities. With a children’s playground, tennis courts, and even a lake where visitors can rent rowboats and enjoy a serene paddle. It’s easy to watch the hours pass by in this tranquil Liverpudlian park.

Stanley Park’s fairytale bandstand even plays host to events such as the Liverpool Bandstand Festival.

Isla Gladstone at Stanley Park, Liverpool

The Grade II listed Victorian conservatory that is Isla Gladstone is set amidst picture-perfect rose gardens and lakes. It truly is the perfect venue for lunches, weddings or conferences. But even admiring its beauty from afar is a must-do while visiting the park. 

For Isla Gladstone opening hours, visit the website.

Parking at Stanley Park

You can access the park one of two ways: via Walton Lane or Anfield Road. For car parking, you’re better off taking the Anfield Road route as there is a car park at the end of the park.

The Playground at Stanley Park

Stanley Park has a playground, making it a great day out for families with young children. With swings, a roundabout, a see-saw, and a multi-play area, you’ll have a tough time getting your kids to head home for the day.

Stanley Park Address

Liverpool L4 2SL

Stanley Park, Liverpool
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Allerton Towers

Allerton Towers is one of the most historical parks in Liverpool. It’s a beautiful 35-acre park that is open all year round and has plenty of nooks and crannies to explore. One of my favourite features of Allerton Towers is the huge hill at the Woolton Road side of the park. Our kids could literally spend hours—and all of their energy—prancing up and down the hill, letting their imaginations run wild. 

On top of the playground and gardens, Allerton Tower also plays host to some history. The park—many years ago—was once home to the Manor of Allerton. However, in 1937 the Liverpool Corporation sadly demolished the manor due to a severe case of dry rot. 

Even though the majority of the building is no longer there to be seen, you can still see parts of the manor, as the lodge, stables, laundry, walled garden, and part of the orangery still remain. 

The 35-acre park even has an outdoor activity centre that children of all ages can use. There are abseiling, orienteering, nature trails, parties, and team-building activities. They also run school holiday activity camps. 

The Playground at Allerton Towers, Liverpool?

Yes, there is a playground in Allerton Towers, right by the Menlove Road entrance. The woodland-backed playground is equipped with slides, climbing apparatus, and a roundabout, and there is plenty of open space for children to run around in. 

Parking at Allerton Towers

There is no car park at Allerton Towers. But you can park on either Woolton Road or Menlove Avenue. Both of which give you direct access to the park grounds.

Allerton Towers Address

Woolton Rd, Liverpool L25 7UL, UK 

Allerton Gardens
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Calderstones Park

Calderstones Park is one of the parks in Liverpool that’s great for all ages. It’s an expansive 124-acre park in South Liverpool that families have visited for decades. The grounds boast fields, lakes, woodlands, and gardens, along with the Calderstones Mansion House, which was built in 1828.

However, one of the park’s most ancient historical features is a 1000-year-old oak tree, the Allerton Oak. The tree is in a dilapidated state—thought to be because of an explosion of a gunpowder ship on the River Mersey—but it is still a sight to see. 

You’ll find the Reader Cafe and Ice Cream Parlour on the park grounds, where you can purchase refreshments. There is also an interactive story centre, a picnic area, and a miniature railway. 

Is there a playground at Calderstones Park? 

There are two sections to the playground and Calderstones Park. The first section is better suited to toddlers and younger children. Whereas, the larger section has climbing frames that older children can tackle. I love when playgrounds are split into two—it gives you the reassurance that your little ones aren’t get trampled by older children. 

Parking at Calderstones Park

Calderstones Park has four access points: Calderstones Road, Allerton Road, Harthill Road, and Yew Tree Road. But of these entrances, only Calderstones Road and Yew Tree Road have car parks available to the public. 

Calderstones Park Address

Calderstones Road, L18 3JD

Calderstones Park, Liverpool
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Clarke’s Gardens

It’s a peaceful park, slightly one of the more secluded parks in Liverpool. Clarke’s Gardens in Allerton is home to Allerton Hall, a Grade II listed building built in 1736. Now, however, the owners have transformed it into a cosy pub with an ice cream parlour and a carvery station. 

Once you’ve finished grabbing a bite to eat in the pub, the nature reserve that surrounds the building is home to an abundance of flora and fauna. Kids who like exploring will particularly like the ground’s octagonal pillbox, which was previously used in World War II. The pillbox now sits vacant—the perfect prop for imaginative play. 

Is there a playground at Clarke’s Gardens? 

Clarke’s Gardens has a natural play area for kids to enjoy. If the playground doesn’t burn up all of their energy, the vast nature garden sure will. 

Parking at Clarke’s Gardens

There is parking at Clarke’s Gardens, along with street parking nearby. 

Clarke’s Gardens Address

442 Woolton Road, Liverpool L25 6JQ

Kids Will Love Croxteth Country Park

Croxteth Country Park is one of the biggest parks in Liverpool. This huge 500-acre park is the perfect day out for families needing some fresh air. Its woodlands, ponds, streams, trails, and pastures are ideal wildlife hunting spots, so it’s no wonder why locals and visitors flock to Croxteth throughout the year.

For families with young children, a must-do when visiting Croxteth is to head to Croxteth Park Farm. The Croxteth Park Farm is a traditional working Victorian farm—one of the UK’s leading Conservation Farm Parks—and is filled with farm animals of all sizes. 

Croxteth Hall is also open to the public during the spring and summer months—from April to September. The Hall was once home to the Earls of Sefton, but now it invites guests to marvel at its architecture, furnishings, and history. 

For children—and adults—who want to know what it’s like to swing amongst the treetops, Jungle Parc offers an adventure course. Jungle Parc has monkey bridges, ziplines, tunnel slides, and cargo nets to test your kid’s bravery and balance. 

Is there a playground at Croxteth Country Park? 

Yes, there is a playground at Croxteth Country Park equipped with slides and climbing frames.

Parking at Croxteth Country Park

There is free parking in designated car parks around Croxteth Country Park. Occasionally—during special events—parking may be charged. But you should be able to find street parking nearby if that is the case. 

Special Events at Croxteth Country Park

Croxteth Country Park hosts a few special events, most of which are park runs that take place every Monday at 9:00 AM. For adults into the supernatural, you can even join the Official Most Haunted Experience to explore and investigate Croxteth Hall at night. 

You can find more information on Croxteth’s special events on the Croxteth Country Park website.

Croxteth Country Park Address

Muirhead Avenue East, Liverpool L11 1EH

Croxteth Park Farm
Croxteth Park Farm

Derby Park

Derby Park in Liverpool is a vibrant and picturesque green space that offers a peaceful retreat in the city’s heart. Nestled in the lively suburb of Tuebrook, this well-maintained park provides a welcome escape from the urban bustle. Its expansive lawns, lined with beautiful trees and colourful flowerbeds, create a tranquil setting for visitors to relax, enjoy a picnic, or take a leisurely stroll.

Derby Park is described as an excellent example of an urban Victorian park and has been recognised by its designation as part of the Derby Park Conservation Area and its listing on the National Register of Historic Parks and Gardens.

With its well-paved pathways, Derby Park is ideal for joggers, scooter riders, and cyclists seeking a scenic route. Moreover, the park hosts various community events throughout the year, such as outdoor concerts and festivals, fostering a sense of togetherness and community spirit. Derby Park is undoubtedly a cherished gem in Liverpool.

Derby Park, Children’s Playground?

Yes, Derby Park, Liverpool, has a children’s playground complete with swings, slides, and climbing frames. There is also a zip wire, multi-use games area, statues, and a bowling green.

Parking at Derby Park

There is parking at Derby Park, on the roadside, and in the nearby town of Bootle. 

Address at Derby Park

65 Fernhill Road, Bootle L20 9HE

Otterspool Promenade

A slightly different park in the Liverpool area is the Otterspool Promenade. Otterspool Promenade has a beautiful riverside walk with views across the River Mersey, making it the perfect destination for an afternoon stroll.

Once the kids get tired of walking—which is inevitable—take them over to the Otterspool Prom playground. I’m sure they’ll find the energy that they just protested they had none of. It’s funny how that works, isn’t it? 

To wrap up your day at Otterspool, join in on kite-flying or head to the sports hub where scooter, BMX, and skateboarders can practice their tricks.

The Playground in Otterspool Promenade?

There is a playground in Otterspool Promenade. And a fairly large one at that. The playground has swings, climbing frames, spinning discs, climbing nets, and see-saws. And is suitable for kids of all ages. 

Parking at Otterspool Promenade

There are three parking areas along the promenade for visitors to park their cars. You can either park at the parking area on Otterspool Drive and walk the entirety of the prom or park in the car park on Mersey Road for the closest access to the playground. 

Otterspool Promenade Address

Otterspool Road, Liverpool L17

Otterspool Promenade
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Everton Park

For one parks in Liverpool that offers the best views of the city, head to Everton Park. Everton Park has vantage points that—on a clear day—give you excellent views of the Mersey, docks, spires, and skyscrapers of Liverpool. If you do have the flexibility, then it’s even better to visit Everton Park at sunset time. Why? You may ask. Well, the sun disappears behind the wind turbines in Mersey Bay, putting on a spectacular show. 

As well as some amazing views of Liverpool, Everton Park also has some other features that makes it worth your visit. Firstly, the park has a sports hub for scooters, BMXs, and skateboard riders. Alongside a nature garden, fitness equipment, and a playground. 

Is there a playground in Everton Park?

Everton Park does have a playground. You can even take along a picnic and your pup and sit on the grass that borders the play frames. 

Parking at Everton Park

There is a free car park at Everton Park, which in itself has panoramic views of Liverpool.

Everton Park Address

Great Homer Street, Everton, L5 5PH

Festival Gardens

Festival Gardens is a unique green space in Liverpool, featuring oriental gardens, pagodas, lakes, waterways, and waterfalls this is one of the best Parks in Liverpool for woodland trails and picnic areas. Originally, in 1984, Festival Gardens hosted the UK’s very first International Garden Festival—hence the name. But after the festival ended, the gardens were left derelict. 

Now, thanks to a redevelopment project in 2010, Festival Gardens is a beautiful park with plenty to see and do. With woodland trails, picnic areas, and a promenade, Festival Gardens should be a top choice when deciding which Liverpuddlian park to visit next.

One of the only drawbacks to Festival Gardens is the fact that its only open from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM. However, these times can change with the seasons. 

Is there a playground in Festival Gardens?

Kids visiting Festival Gardens can enjoy the play area near the promenade at the south end of the park. There you’ll find climbing frames, nets, and other play apparatus. 

Parking at Festival Gardens

Festival Gardens does have its own car park. But, like the park itself, its opening times vary from season to season. 

Festival Gardens Address

Riverside Dr, Liverpool L17 5BU

Festival Gardens Liverpool
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Parks in Liverpool, Newsham Park

Newsham Park is a 121-acre Grade II-listed Victorian Park that opened in 1868. Various important buildings are on the acreage, with the Grade II-listed Seaman’s Orphanage and Newsham House—where Queen Victoria once stayed—being the most prominent.

But if old architecture isn’t your thing, then not to worry. Newsham Park has a heap of outdoor activities for your family to enjoy. Firstly, the park has two large fishing lakes containing Roach, Carp, and Tench—you will need a fishing permit. One of the lakes hosts model boat sailing, which is something you don’t get to see much these days. 

Secondly, Newsham Park has an area for bikers, scooters, and skateboarders, as well as a playground for children. And thirdly, there is an abundance of wildlife, with chances to spot geese, ducks, and herons. There is also a cricket club with training sessions for all ages. 

Is there a playground in Newsham Park?

There is a playground in Newsham Park with swings, slides, and climbing frames. 

Parking at Newsham Park

You can find street parking around Newsham Park, with Gardeners Drive getting you close to Newsham Park’s lakes. 

Special events at Newsham Park

Newsham Park puts on a similar event to Croxteth Country Park. You can go on a ghost hunt in the Newsham Hospital and Orphanage, which is said to be one of the most haunted buildings in the UK. So, if you’re into the paranormal—and purposefully scaring yourself—this event could be right up your alley. 

You can find more information on the Newsham Park ghost hunt here.

Newsham Park Address

Sheil Road, Prescot Road and West Derby Road L6 7UF

Newsham Park, Liverpool
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Historical Parks in Liverpool, Norris Green Park

The historic Norris Green Park is one of the smaller parks in Liverpool, at just under 17 acres. But the beautiful gardens, peaceful atmosphere, and magnificent trees sure make up for it. 

At one point, there was a house that stood in Norris Green Park. However, since the 1930s, only a Stableyard Wall, an old walled garden wall, and the decade-old trees remain. Over recent years, a group of volunteers have dedicated their time to clearing up the space to make it even more enjoyable for those who wish to visit. 

Being family-friendly and popular with dog walkers, Norris Green is a nice spot for an afternoon picnic. You can even take a football and have a kick about. 

The Playground in Norris Green Park?

Children will be happy to know that Norris Green Park has a playground and a skate park for older children. 

Parking at Norris Green Park

Norris Green Park has its own car park making the area easily accessible to everyone. You can access the park via Lorenzo Drive or Broad Lane.

Norris Green Park Address

Lorenzo Drive, Liverpool L11 1BE

North Park For Families

The green open space of North Park in Bootle offers locals and visitors opportunities for ball games, exercise, and all-around fun. Beautifully lined with trees, North Park features benches, a skate park, a playground, and trails. So there really is something for everyone to enjoy.

Also found in the park is the Bootle Leisure Centre, which has everything from fitness classes and a swimming pool to flume slides and steam rooms. North Park really is the most perfect place to burn off some energy.

Is there a playground in North Park?

North Park has an amazing playground for kids of all ages. There is climbing frames, slides, and swings, along with benches for adults to sit on. 

Parking at North Park

There is nearby street parking on the roads surrounding North Park. 

North Park Address

Hornby Road, Bootle, L20 5BY

Princes Park, Parks in Liverpool

Princes Park is a Grade II* historic park in Toxteth, with fishing lakes and historical features just waiting to be explored. One of the biggest draws to Princes Park is the central lake where those with permits fish. But many also come to see the remains of the formerly Grade II listed boathouse, which burnt down in the early 1990s.

Is there a playground in Princes Park?

Princes Park features a children’s playground with slides, see-saws, climbing frames, and swings. 

Parking at Princes Park

Street parking is available on roads surrounding the park. Access to the park is via Princes Road, Windermere Terrace, and Belvidere Road. 

Special events at Princes Park

Parkrun takes place in Princes Park on a Saturday morning at 9 am every week.

Princes Park Address

Liverpool L8 3TH

Princes Park Liverpool
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Rice Lane Recreation Ground Is Perfect For Sports Fans

Rice Lane Recreation Ground is a football lover’s paradise. With full-sized, medium, and junior football pitches, you can take along a ball and have a kick about with your loved ones. When you’ve finished up on the pitch, take a walk along the woodland fringe or stop for a well-deserved picnic. And as Rice Lane is popular with dog walkers, even your four-legged friend can join in on the fun. 

Parking at Rice Lane Recreation Ground 

There is a smaller car park at Rice Lane Recreation Ground. Or you can find street parking on one of the neighbouring streets. 

Rice Lane Recreation Ground  Address

Liverpool L9 2BR

Reynolds Park

Those who appreciate flowers will enjoy wandering through Reynolds Park’s gardens. Nestled in the Woolton conservation area of South Liverpool, Reynolds Park is home to wildflower meadows, woodland areas, and topiary gardens. Three of the park’s most unique features are the sunken garden, a ha-ha, and a quarry.

Sadly, the quarry is closed to the public. But you can still view the sunken garden and ha-ha (a sunken fence) today.

Is there a playground in Reynolds Park?

There isn’t a traditional playground in Reynolds Park. But there is a log structure area for little ones to play on. 

Parking at Reynolds Park

You can find street parking near the main access on Church Road. Or at other entrance points like Woolton Hill Road and Woolton Park.   

Reynolds Park  Address

116 Church Road, Liverpool L25 6DF

Unique Parks in Liverpool, Speke and Garston Coastal Reserve

Bordering the River Mersey—with impeccable views of the estuary—is the Speke and Garston Coastal Reserve. Now, this isn’t your typical city park or green space, but that makes it all the more worth visiting. Stretching a total of 70 acres from Liverpool John Lennon Airport to the Garston Docks, the Speke and Garston Coastal Reserve is one of the most faultless parks in Liverpool. 

While at Speke and Garston, you can visit Speke Hall, one of the region’s finest Grade I Tudor Manor Houses, watch the Liverpool Sailing Club set sail, view wildlife and go bird watching, or just take a stroll along the trails near the water’s edge. 

Is there a playground in Speke and Garston Coastal Reserve?

There isn’t a playground in Speke and Garston Coastal Reserve. So instead, take along your kid’s scooter or bike. And keep them engaged by looking out for local wildlife. 

Parking at Speke and Garston Coastal Reserve

Speke and Garston Coastal Reserve Parking is available at the Blackburne Street entrance and Speke Hall. 

Speke and Garston Coastal Reserve Address

Liverpool L24 1XD

St James Mount and Gardens

St James Mount and Gardens—adjacent to Liverpool Anglican Cathedral—was once a cemetery during the 1930s. After the cemetery reached its maximum capacity of 57,774 burials, plans were implemented to turn it into public gardens. By 1972, the St James Mount and Gardens were complete and given Grade I Historic Park status. 

With some headstones still remaining, St James Mount and Gardens is a peaceful place to watch the world go by. The gardens also include stone arches, the Huskisson memorial, a natural spring, and catacombs—the perfect place for a history lesson!

Is there a playground in St James Mount and Gardens?

Sadly, there isn’t a playground in St James Mount and Gardens. But with all the history and paths to explore, you can keep the entire family occupied.

Parking at St James Mount and Gardens

Car parking at St James Mount and Gardens is available at the cathedral and costs £1. You may also be able to find street parking nearby. However, most are on a pay-and-display basis.

To get into the gardens, you can enter off Upper Duke Street or Upper Parliament Street.

St James Mount and Gardens Address

Cathedral Gate, Upper Duke St, Hope St, Upper Parliament St, St James Rd, Liverpool L1 7AZ, UK

Walton Hall Park

King George opened Walton Hall Park to the public in 1934 during his trip to open the Queensway Tunnel. Ever since, people have enjoyed the 130-acre park’s lakes, trails, and greenery.

Of the two lakes in Walton Hall Park, the larger lake has two islands and is inhabited by a range of fish species. Whereas, the smaller lake has a trail that runs around the perimeter—perfect for a leisurely stroll. 

What makes Walton Hall Park great for kids, however, are the two large football pitches, a 3.2km fitness trail, and the play area that’s open year round. If you’re ever looking to drain your kids of energy, then Walton Hall Park is the place to be. 

The Playground in Walton Hall Park?

Walton Hall Park has a playground with swings, multi-plays, roundabouts, a see-saw, rocking units, and a games area. 

Parking at Walton Hall Park

Parking is available at Walton Hall Park, and it’s free for the first two hours. 

Walton Hall Park Address

Walton Hall Avenue, Walton, L4 9XP

Walton Hall and Gardens
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Botanical Parks in Liverpool, Wavertree Botanic Gardens

Quite possibly one of the prettiest parks in Liverpool—especially when the cherry blossom trees are in bloom—is Wavertree Botanic Gardens. As the name suggests, Wavertree was once a private botanic garden. Botanists opened Wavertree as the original Liverpool Botanic Garden became encroached upon by the expanding city. 

Over the past few centuries, the original gardens deteriorated. And after German bombs destroyed the conservatory in World War II, all remaining plants were relocated to private greenhouses. 

Today, Watertree Botanic Gardens is Grade II* listed in the Register of Historic Parks and Gardens and has lots for the public to enjoy. Ornamental foundations, fish ponds, glass houses, and a walled garden are just some of the things to explore at Wavertree. The park is open all year round. 

The Playground in Wavertree Botanic Gardens?

Wavertree Botanic Gardens has a playground, where kids can run wild on swings, roundabouts, and multi-play areas.

Parking at Wavertree Botanic Gardens

There is a small car park on-site at Wavertree. And access to the park is via Botanic Road off Edge Lane.

Wavertree Botanic Gardens Address

Edge Lane, Liverpool L7 9PL

Wavertree Botanic Gardens, Liverpool
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