Paddle boarding with Kids

Paddle boarding with Kids

An adventurous family takes up paddle boarding.

We love to set ourselves a challenge every year so we decided as a family to take up paddle boarding with kids. We discovered that its very easy to get it wrong; it’s like canoeing and there is actually quite a bit of skill involved unless you’re a natural like most children are.

Paddleboarding Lessons

Its so easy to hire a paddle board or just get one and off you go but I’m a great believer in doing learning a new skill well. We went along to our nearest outdoor lake that does paddle boarding introduction lessons and for £25-£30 the children and adults all had a great time. The lesson was about two and a half hours with a lovely tea break provided.  We went to Ellerton Lake in North Yorkshire which is very convenient as its just off the A1 near Scotch Corner.

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Paddle boarding with Kids

So what’s involved in a paddle boarding lesson?

Standing up is the first objective and its harder than you think along with the paddle technique. As our instructor explained its all from the waist not the shoulders. Getting confident is key and actually learning some tricks from just moving up and down the board placing your weight in different places. Being in Britain a wet suit was provided by the lesson but in summer I’m sure you don’t need one! The children 10 and 12 loved the activity and quickly took to it. I however did not and found the balance very tricky. Other parents learnt quickly but we all agreed we did not learn as quickly as the children.

It could be very easy just to pop on a paddle board and have a little go but when you learn tips and tricks then suddenly there is so much more fun. Our instructor was brilliant and made sure that the session was engaging for every one and especially when his class was adults and children who ranged from 10 years (recommended) to 70 years. This sport is very inclusive for everyone and since we took up the sport I now see how varied every one is who uses a paddle board and am very impressed with grandparents on a board and a grandchild at their feet while they paddle around the bay in Derwentwater.

Paddle boarding with Kids

What’s next Paddle boarding with Kids

Well we loved it so decided to get a paddle board. If you get the right one they are very easy to pump up, carry around and a bag even comes with it along with a pump. They’re not as bulky as you think and if you get a good size then child and parent can use it. Lidl had a great price of £200 the other day for a paddle board and my friend bought one and said it was great. We went for a more expensive one which was about £400 but then we’re the family who likes to get sporting equipment.

You do need to factor in wet suits and buoyancy aids to be safe if your children are using or if your looking at going on the sea. I am a great believer in being prepared.

Sea or Lake that is the question?

After using the paddle board on the lake and visiting other lakes such as the Lake district Derwentwater it seemed about time to try the sea. Now this is why lessons were needed as getting on with waves, watching for winds and learning that if in doubt you can just sit down on the board and get a rest might be a good idea. The sea is where the balance comes in and also the adventure. Check the weather and winds as you don’t want to end being blown off course but if you get the conditions right you can actually travel quite far. The husband paddled to the small island of Holy Isle just off Arran‘s west coast of Scotland and the eldest son paddled back. The water was perfectly calm and the rest of the family paddled in a Canadian canoe. We did not bring the dog this time as I would not recommend the dog on a board. This was the highlight of the break away and every one got to have fun.

Taking it seriously Paddle boarding with Kids

As in any sport one is not enough and if your do want to take it up properly then two means you can go together, watch out for each other, especially if you’re going on the sea. However, if you’re wanting fun and you have a nearby lake that you have always wanted to use then this is your sport as you need little equipment – just the board, life jacket and wet suit if its cold. Many outdoor lakes now do clubs and you can hire them for a very good price.

Recommendations for Paddle boarding with Kids

Give it a go and try something new as life is full of challenges. What we did love however was the fact that you can use the lake for open water swimming so now we have all taken this up as a sport and I am much better at this activity with a wet suit for swimming as you need the flexibility on the arms and the extra buoyancy in the hips. I also love the fact that there are hot showers on site  at Ellerton lake so this is the activity for me, and the kids can play on the paddle board.

The centre we used (please note we paid for our training)

Contact details for Paddle Boarding UP Active Yorkshire

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)
Fun, Fitness and Adventure
Tuition and guiding for individuals and groups of all ages and abilities

Contact Daniel Godridge on 07984247519
Email –

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Paddle Boarding with Kids

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