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Niagara Falls with the Kids: Tours You Have To Take

Niagara Falls with the Kids: Tours You Have To Take

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Niagara Falls is usually a romantic destination, somewhere for loved up couples and newlyweds, but this area has a lot to offer young children and families too. With places like the Daredevil Museum that tells the story of people who went over the Falls, or the Butterfly Conservatory to the north that teaches children about nature, there are dozens of attractions to suit all ages.

The Hornblower Cruise

The beauty of many of the tours in this area is that they’re within such easy walking distance of your hotel in Niagara Falls. In the case of the Hornblower Cruise, you can meet the 700 other passengers just a few minutes’ walk upstream. Your catamaran will take you past the American and Bridal Veil Falls, beautiful examples of nature in their own right, before travelling towards the main event. You and the kids will slip into your bright yellow raincoat just as the boat draws closer towards the very base of the Falls themselves.

Journey behind the Falls

After you’ve finished on the catamaran, why not view the Falls from a completely different perspective? This tour is a fantastic way to teach the kids about the power of nature; after you travel downwards about 150ft in an elevator, you’ll emerge onto an observation deck, and for the first time, the kids will be able to understand just how intimidating the Falls really are. You’ll be able to get up close and personal with this giant sheet of rushing water, the sound of it crashing into the river below almost deafening to the ears – I can imagine the look on my kids’ faces already!

Niagara Falls with the kids: tours you have to take

Explore the Butterfly Conservatory

Aside from the main attraction, Niagara Falls has many more natural wonders to behold, and I for one want my children to understand a little more about nature. If you take them just a 10-minute drive north to the Botanical Gardens, they’ll be able to enter the tropical world of the famous Butterfly Conservatory. This rainforest-like habitat is home to over 2,000 butterflies, and offers a self-guided tour of 180 meters, which is sure to keep them occupied as they play “who can spot all 45 species”.

See the Daredevil Museum

You can off your trip here with a tour around the infamous Daredevil Museum? Over the years, there have been plenty of people willing to try crazy schemes and confounded contraptions that they think will survive a tumble over the Falls. Some survived while others perished, but you’ll learn all about them right here. It’s perfect for children, as the exhibition is presented in a really fun way – they’ll even be able to see some of the props first-hand.

What do you think of these tours? Would your kids love them?

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