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Top 5 Touristy Things to Do in Stockholm with Kids

Top 5 Touristy Things to Do in Stockholm with Kids

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Stockholm is a wonderful place to visit with children, especially during the Summer, but it has something to offer all year around.

It is true what you hear, Stockholm, and the rest of Sweden, is very family friendly and most touristy activities are very geared towards families with younger children. I think this is partly to do with the invaluable attitude towards co-parenting and family. In Sweden, for the most part, family is seen as the norm and is made a priority by businesses, employers, and service industry. For example, there is an understanding that it’s the responsibility of both parents to provide childcare i.e. not just the mother’s responsibility. AND, did you know that most museums, science centres and national galleries in Stockholm are free to enter!

However, I digress! The point I was trying to make is that when it comes to tourist destinations, the Swedes wrap it up for kids, with a bow.

1 – Junibacken

Junibacken is the primo destination for all things Astrid Lindgren in Stockholm. There are several other theme parks, museums and tourist destinations that follow the stories of Astrid Lindgren around Sweden but Junibacken is it in Stockholm. It is on the island of Djurgården where most of Stockholm’s best museums and science parks are based (my opinion only).

The ‘theme park’, in it’s loosest sense of the word, is a giant fun house full of Astrid Lindgren’s characters but you will also come across Alfie Atkins, Mama Moo. At present, there is a major exhibition currently on (Feb 2015 – Jan 2017) “Moomin at Junibacken” which delves into the world of Tove Jansson’s the Moomin’s based on The Book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My. Included in this is a children’s theatre show called “And Then What Happened?”. Unfortunately, I think all of the children’s theatre is in Swedish nevertheless, the Story Train that takes you through the entire theme park is in English.

As the Story Train travels through the land of stories you will hear stories from all over Sweden and finally the train comes to a stop at Ville Villekulla, home of the strongest girl in the world, Pippi Longstocking. Here you can play, and get to know Pippi’s friends and enemies and her long suffering horse ‘Old Man’.

Junibacken is perfect, any time of the year, for anyone between 2-5+. It will even bring back some brilliant memories for Mum and Dad. It is also a fantastic introduction for small children to a lot of the stories, characters and legacies of Swedish children’s storytelling.

To find out what the other 4 Touristy Things to Do are, click here to read Little Bear Abroad’s full post.

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Reinaldo Luchesi

Monday 19th of June 2017

Um lugar que realmente pretendo conhecer muito em breve com minha família. Muito bom o post.

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