Long Haul Flight? Get a Travel Snug!

Travel Snugs Perfect for Long Haul

If you are travelling long haul with young children then you need a travel snug in your life. Don’t debate them, just incorporate them into the cost of your flight tickets: they are fantastic, snuggly, and really helped my kids sleep on our recent flights to Florida.

Yes I was sent these fantastic travel snugs to review and didn’t pay for them, but they were amazing and they will definitely be going on our next long haul trip [Update they have now been used on 3 long haul flights and I love them still!]. Simply wash them, tumble dry them if you’d like to and they’ll be ready and waiting for the next trip!

So what are they?

The Travel Snug website says they are

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TravelSnugTM is a soft, fleecy carry-on cushion that will cocoon your child helping them stay comfortable and fidget free for longer on the flight. Light weight and easy for your child to carry using the handy carry strap, the TravelSnug is a must have for all our young flyers!

For me they are a thick aircraft chair shaped blanket that allow your kids to snuggle up into their aircraft seats by providing them with a more comfortable seat to sit on, a padded back rest and somewhere to lay their head as they won’t be able to reach the head rest. They roll up for you to carry into the plane and once unrolled and placed into position on the seat, there are loops for you to put the seatbelts through to secure them into place.

In my opinion when they are in place, they looked and felt incredibly comfortable and we got some very jealous looks from other passengers with kids.

So what did we love about the Travel Snug so much?

We loved the fact that they were useful throughout the airport. The girls sat on them in long queues, they used them to rest their head whilst waiting on the seats in the lounge and they also used them in the very long security queues as well as on the plane.

We loved that the girls obviously found them really very comfortable and they definitely helped them go to sleep much much quicker.

I also love the fact that they are produced  in the UK by a small Yorkshire manufacturing company although this does mean that they are pricier (£59.99 each) than they might otherwise be. Manufacturing costs are higher here as we know and I do like the fact that they are supporting the local economy.

Travel Snugs Perfect for Long Haul

When would we use the Travel Snug?

As a mother of three I would probably only use these travel snugs when we travel long haul. We often fly low budget when we fly to Europe and I can’t imagine getting these onto the plane as part of your hand luggage allowance (as well as a bag of activities for each child). I might be wrong but they are quite big. Nobody batted an eyelid on our flight with Virgin to Florida but it was a scheduled flight and larger luggage allowances are expected.

They are also quite difficult to fold and bulky to carry. Try as I might (and I did practice as advised) I couldn’t get the blankets to fold back into their neat tubes. Once we had unraveled one at home to practice it never quite went back to the size the others were. If I had one younger child and one travel snug to carry I might use these on a four hour flight but with three of them I probably wouldn’t and I think they might be deemed too large. That being said as they don’t actually take up any room on the aircraft, they are only on your child’s seat which you have paid full price for, I would query why not: budget airlines rules however don’t seem to work like that!

BUT and here is the big BUT they might not roll easy but they are AMAZING!

and I will absolutely be using them again and all my friends who travel long haul want to borrow them.  I need to tell them to go and support this new business Travel Snug.

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4 thoughts on “Long Haul Flight? Get a Travel Snug!”

  1. I was eyeing these up recently as we’ve got a few long-haul flights this year – I was partly put off by the price but also having another thing to carry when travelling on my own. Having said that, it’s hard to put a price on having a child who sleeps the whole flight long!

  2. These look fantastic!! I might have to invest in a couple for next year. I think we’ve *finally* decided to bite the bullet and pay a visit to our friends in the US!! Hurrah! 🙂 First time for the boys on a long haul flight though!! Aaargh!!! Will be picking your brains for advice!! xx

  3. Buying one of these has caused me alot of stress! I wish I hadn’t bothered. I paid for one online a while back and haven’t received notification that its been despatched even though we’re flying in 4 days time. Tried to contact the company several times through varying channels (though they have no phone number) and they’ve completely ignored me. Not good customer service from this company.


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