Getting back into your own bed after travelling!

Getting back into your own bed after travelling!

Why there’s nothing better than getting back to your own bed after travelling!

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Travel is a great thing. It gives us experiences and memories that others only dream of, without ever taking the necessary steps to make those dreams come true.

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Those perfect sunrises, that encounter with manta rays, that challenging hike, that incredible Christmas – these are the moments that stay with you, and your family, forever.

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Still, as they say, all good things must come to an end at some point. And sometimes we’re actually relieved when they do! Because no matter how amazing your trip has been, no matter how reluctant you first are to quit the adventure and return to reality…there’s nothing quite like getting back to the comfort of your own bed.

Here’s why:

1. It’s familiar

Of course, seeing and staying in all these new places has big advantages. But all the constant moving around can wreak havoc on your sleep patterns. An unfamiliar room, a different pillow, a new mattress – no matter how great it is – all make it hard for you to settle down. Add a couple of kids and the excitement of a new space into the equation and it becomes even harder to get to sleep when you need to.

On the other hand, coming home to your bed means you return to something familiar, welcoming and comfortable. You aren’t going to mistakenly wander into the closet instead of the toilet, nor are you going to whack your leg on the bedpost every time you cross the room. You’ve been here before. You know how it works.

2. You can unpack!

Finally, after days, weeks – or even months – of living out of suitcases, you can unpack permanently! No more living in creased clothes, no more buying cosmetics only have to ditch them at the airport because they’re over 100mls, no more worrying if little creepy crawlies will make their way into your underwear. No, you’re at home and your cupboards are inviting you to make yourself feel it.

It also means that if you like to live in, let’s call it a “creative mess”, you can do so at will without feeling guilty. Strew your stuff about ’til your heart’s content, safe in the knowledge that no one has to clean up after you but yourself.

3. You’re free from nocturnal visitors

Unless you live in a tropical country, coming back to your own bed means you can finally get to sleep without having to worry about the wrath of mosquitos. You’ll find no small measure of joy in simply being able to lie down in bed when you’re tired, instead of going through the palava of putting up a net, checking for mossies inside, chasing said mossies out of the net, then having to put it up all over again. Not to mention the elaborate contortions you have to twist your body into when you visit the bathroom in the middle of the night and need to escape the net with as little disturbance as possible!

While we’re on the subject of unwelcome creatures, you needn’t worry about bed bugs either (unless you’ve decided to bring them in your carry-on). Same goes for snakes, cockroaches, rats, bats – all get left well before the departure gate.

Probably the only nocturnal visitors you need to think about are your kids, if they’ve had a bad dream. But they’re always welcome in your room, right? 

4. You’ll sleep better

This is the big one. Ok, so you may have had a couple of amazing sleeps in that luxurious hotel room, or a thoroughly memorable night camped out under the stars… but chances are, you haven’t slept well on a continuous basis since setting out.

This can be due to any number of factors – the unfamiliarity of your surroundings as I mentioned earlier, different time zones causing jet lag, plus all those external factors like loud traffic, weird smells and pre-dawn risers in the room beside you. Whatever the cause, the effect is that you don’t get enough, good-quality sleep.

It’s so important that you do, for a heap of reasons. Namely, that better sleep makes us healthier, happier people… which sounds like a good enough reason to me! When you’re well rested, you’re in a better position to enjoy your trip in the first place and things like rude waiters, cancelled trains or a dodgy stomach won’t faze you. Instead, you’ll have a much more positive attitude towards the bad and the good elements of your holiday…and can bring that calm, relaxed state of mind all the way home.

So much as I do enjoy travelling, be it with my family, my friends or even alone, I’m always glad to come home. There my bed lies, never angry at being abandoned and always welcoming me back to the great night’s sleep I need.


Getting back into your own bed after travelling!

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