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Review | Toddlebike2 the balance bike for the Under 3’s

Review | Toddlebike2 the balance bike for the Under 3’s

Wondering whether a balance bike for the Under 3’s is worthwhile? Find out what our reviewer thought of the Toddlebike2.

What is the Toddlebike2?

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Toddlebike2 is a pre balance bike for the under 3’s. It fills a gap between baby ride-on toys and bikes/scooters designed for older children. It has a unique design with the wheels quite close together to allow for young children to learn to balance and steer.

My First Thoughts on the Toddlebike2:

The bike is small, light and made of plastic. Initially I thought it looked too small for my toddler but I soon realised that it was perfect.

My toddler was 18 months old when he first started to use the Toddlebike2. He did have a children’s balance bike but was not confident and did not have the balance to use it.

Within weeks of using the Toddlebike2, we could see how much his balance had improved and he would choose to play on the balance bike a little more. For almost a year he has continued to play with both bikes and now at 2 and a half I would say that he is too big for the Toddlebike2. He is so confident that he tips it over and has gone over the handlebars (no injuries sustained!) so I think I will need to put it away for the new baby. My son is 98th centile for weight and height so this will last other children easily up to 3 years old.

This bike has definitely improved my son’s balance and made it really easy for him to progress to the balance bike. When it lasts for a year or two it’s a bargain at under £25.

Review | Toddlebike2 the balance bike for the Under 3's


5 reasons to get a Toddlebike2

  1. Portable

It weighs in at less than 1kg which makes it easy for young children to ride on and manoeuvre. This is also a great advantage for parents who inevitably end up carrying the bike!

You can take this bike on holiday, to the park or around your town.

  1. Easy to clean

Made of plastic, this bike can be hosed down after use outdoors so no need to worry about it getting muddy.

  1. Great Design

This bike fills a gap between baby ride-on toys and bikes for older children. The wheels are narrow so young children can learn to balance and steer effectively.

  1. Safe

All materials are CE-approved, TUV certified, and manufactured in Europe.

  1. Great Value

At £23.95 this is a bargain and will provide hours of fun and exercise for your little one.

Review | Toddlebike2 the balance bike for the Under 3's

Where can I buy the Toddlebike2?

You can buy this directly from Toddlebike’s website or from amazon

The Bike retails for £23.95 with FREE UK shipping!

Available in 3 colours; Racing Red, Midnight Blue or Pretty Pink.

NB: Alicia received the Toddlebike2 in order to review but all views and opinions are her own.

Alicia Reid

Alicia lives in County Durham and is Mum to two boys aged 2 and newborn.


Review | Toddlebike2 the balance bike for the Under 3's

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John Reese

Monday 5th of February 2018

Hello Alicia Reid thanks for the amazing review! Recently I have been working on bike and bike gears on my blog and I did not write about kids bike. After reading your amazing post I am gonna start writing about kids bike.Your blog is just awesome! Keep going!

peter andrew

Thursday 1st of February 2018

I think teaching cycling could be helpful for managing sensitive kids. While working on my blog I have found cycling not only beneficial for kids physical health, it also good for mental health and helps a lot to socialize.

Sharon Smith

Wednesday 31st of January 2018

Wow! Amazing review! Love this balance bike so much and i am willing to purchase one for my kid (she is under 3). Will purchase tomorrow form your provided Amazon link. Thank you so much for sharing.

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