Top Tips for Festival Glamping with Children including a Festival Checklist

Top Tips for Festival Glamping with Children including a Festival Checklist

So if you are planning on Festival Glamping with Children here are some of our top tips including a Festival Checklist!

  • Setting up, and taking down, your tent are all part of the experience. Get the children involved, passing pegs, and having a go with a wooden mallet. Have a picnic, rug, and toys to hand if they loose interest.
  • Fairy lights, and LED tea lights provide a dim night light to help children feel more comfortable. Put a few around the entrance of your tent to help if you are returning after dark. Head torches are great for you and your children to keep your hands free.
  • Consider a tent without bedrooms, in case someone needs a middle of the night cuddle.
  • Bring a few soft toys, your own pillows, and maybe duvets, to ensure everyone is happy and cosy.
  • Camping Trolleys are essential – for carrying gear from car to campsite, everything you need during the day (snacks, water etc), and tired children – contrary to safety advice. Seasoned festival goers have trolleys with sun shades, fairy lights, blankets and even pillows.
  • Forget ‘bedtime’ – wait until the children are tired and settling them is much easier. There is too much going on to expect them to go to bed at a respectable time. Just plan for them to have some downtime (and perhaps an early night) the following day.
  • Write your phone number on children’s wrist bands (& make sure you have mobile service and battery) in case you get separated. This was compulsory at Elderflower Fields, and the staff were very quick to notice when our two year tried to loose hers. Some families had walkie talkies for older children.
  • If there are activities that can be booked ahead, book early to get the best slots. Look at the programme to choose a few ‘must-see’ performances or activities, but allow lots of time for wandering about to avoid dashing about too much.
  • Relax, unwind, and enjoy the experience!
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Ultimate Festival Checklist!

Tent & Awning

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Rug for floor

Picnic blanket & extra rugs for warmth

LED tea lights and/or solar fairy lights

Bunting, because any tent looks better for it, and it takes up very little space

Lanterns, torches & head torches

Camping trolley, preferably with sun shade

Ear plugs and eye masks (if you think your children will wear/need them)

Sleeping bags or duvets


Children’s camping bunk bed – if you have room in your tent this helps free up some floor space and provides storage and a good night sleep

Self inflating mattress and sheet

Crate for dirty shoes, to be kept near the door

Doormat to reduce the need for sweeping the tent

Brush and dust pan

Bin bags

Frozen rose wine box (very effective in a cool bag)

Breakfast (cereal, long life milk, coffee and tea, bread rolls, hot chocolate)

Snacks, snacks & more snacks

Cans of Gin and Tonic

Water carrier and bottles (no plastic water bottles are on sale at Elderflower Fields)

Eco coffee cups and lids (you get a discount on a coffee at Elderflower fields if you use your own mug)

Stove and kettle

Standby food (e.g. tin of beans or pasta) – the food providers at Elderflower Fields were so good, and reasonably priced, that our standby food went unused

Washing up bowl (can double as ‘water-play’ for the children), washing up liquid and tea towel

Sun cream & hats



Bed socks

Trainers, flip flops and wellies to cover every eventuality

Wipes, hand sanitisers, toiletries & dry shampoo (showers were available at Elderflower Fields, but the queues can be long)

Potty (in case morning toilet queues are too long for your children to bear)

Camping chairs & tables

Unbreakable wine glasses

Marshmallows and sticks

Glow bracelets & face glitter

A couple of family card games and books

Ball and/or frisbee and bubbles

Spare batteries & phone chargers (phones and battery packs can be charged in the information tent at Elderflower Fields)

String, scissors & pegs – bound to be useful for something

First Aid kit

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Ultimate Family Festival Checklist
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