Cragside, Northumberland


Cragside has long been one of our family’s favourite days out. I have many happy memories of days there as a child and love seeing my children experiencing the same. 

It is a National Trust property just outside Rothbury in Northumberland and the house was the first to be lit using hydroelectricity. Having a look around the house is very interesting, but my boys at 7 and nearly 5 are a bit too young to appreciate it just yet. 
What keeps us coming back though, are the amazing, massive and varied gardens. There are a variety of walks and plenty of picturesque spots for a family picnic. The kids love getting lost in the labyrinth and trying out all of the equipment on the ‘trim trail’. It’s a great way of getting a good walk without any moaning of tired legs! There are some walks suitable for pushchairs but I find it easier to sling the baby. 
The adventure playground is well equipped and on our visit last week, we were very impressed with two new sections set up; a barefoot walk and a den building area.
The barefoot walk has various sections so that your feet get to feel the different sensations; tree stumps, smooth rocks, logs and some good old mud. It is such a simple but effective idea and lovely to see the children experiencing something new.
Den building is one of my boys’ very favourite things to do on a day out, so the den building area rates very highly with us. It is fantastic to have all of the logs and sticks there ready to use. We were very proud of our efforts! 
I’d definitely recommend a day here, or preferably coming to experience it in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Beautiful, peaceful and fun for the kids. Couldn’t ask for more
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Emily Gettins writes regularly for Mini Travellers and lives in the North East with her husband and three little boys.

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