Expert Reveals the Five Gift Rule to Help You Buy for Someone Who Has Everything

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As Christmas approaches, the magic of sharing love and kindness unfolds. One of the most cherished ways of showcasing it is through gift-giving. In fact, 68% of people consider gift-giving as their “love language”, according to a recent SurveyMonkey study.

Choosing gifts for our loved ones is exciting, yet there is always that one person who has everything, and finding a unique and surprising gift for them can be a challenge.

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Katy Baxter, Corporate Affairs Director at Baxters of Scotland, said: “When we have someone in our lives who seemingly has everything, it can be difficult to know what to buy for them, and what might live up to their expectations. But by putting in some preparation and time, you can find them something they don’t even know they will love.

“Unique and thoughtful gifts are taking over our exchanges as we spend more time finding the right gift. And something that never goes out of style is sharing a special moment with your loved ones – whether it is a wine which reminds them of the good times or creating a new experience you can share and love together.”

So, if you’re struggling with what to buy someone who has absolutely everything, you’re going to need to follow the five rules of gifting.

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Something they want

Katy says: “The first rule of gifting is buying someone something they want. The more unlikely, the better, too. For many of us, attending a gig for our favourite artist or seeing our favourite teams play is a dream come true. Gifting your loved ones an experience they’re not expecting can really brighten their day and surprise them – especially if you hide the tickets in a card!”

Immerse your loved ones in the world of entertainment by gifting them tickets to a concert, food festival or a sporting event. Perhaps there is an artist they’ve been yearning to see for a long time or an iconic game that’s not to miss. 

Other items your loved ones might want can include games or gaming consoles, clothing, the latest trainers, and more. Spend some time throughout the year shopping alongside your loved one if you can and keep a note of everything they touch but refuse to buy themselves!

Something they need

Katy says: “When gifting, you should also consider something your recipient needs. And the best way to do this is through a hamper. Whether it is a luxury food hamper or a self-care pack, finding items which you know your friends and family will love and use can make the best present.”

According to data, 41% of women and 31% of men would like to receive food or drink as part of their Christmas gift. Not only are you helping keep them well-stocked for the festive period, but you can also buy items special to you and your loved ones.

Think of flavour combinations you both like or something they’ve never tried before. Wine, cheese and chutney can be a great starting point when building a hamper – with many respondents of the SurveyMonkey study pointing to fine wines as a preferred gift for the holiday season. There is no more authentic way to the hearts of our loved ones than taking the route of delectable food.

“A food and drinks hamper can be a great way to spend the season together, too. If quality time is also your love language, being able to sit down and enjoy great flavours together could be the perfect present for that one friend or family member who already has it all,” commented Katy.

Other need-to-have items can include pamper-day kits, such as face masks, moisturisers, and body scrubs, for example. These items can leave your loved one feeling incredible across the holidays – and even give you both something to enjoy together. 

Something to wear

Katy says: “Someone who has everything doesn’t have to be difficult to buy for. In addition to the items they want and need, buying them something to wear can add to the comfort this Christmas. Items such as cashmere socks can add a touch of luxury and warmth to any gift – and who doesn’t need another pair of socks?”

Data shows that 34% of people prefer receiving clothes and shoes as Christmas gifts. And you can have a lot of fun picking out these items for your friends and family. Socks and pyjamas are a great way to add to any pamper pack for anyone who loves to feel extremely comfortable.  Or if your stepchild, cousin, or other family member loves being the height of fashion, buying them the latest released trainers could make sure they’re looking their best as they step foot into the New Year.

Something to read

Katy says: “The person who has everything might have an extensive collection of books at home, but this gives you the perfect guide to find something they will love. Spend some time familiarising yourself with the type of art, literature, and history your loved one likes and find something that fits so that they can have a cosy, quiet night in after the festivities with a book and some wine. A cookbook can also be the perfect answer for any loved one who likes a bit of food inspiration in their life.”

Books are a great stocking filler as there is something for everyone. Whether they prefer classic literature, a picture book, or even an adult colouring book – there is something for all ages, abilities, and interests. 

And gifting books at Christmas is practised by many. In fact, countries such as Iceland have a book-giving tradition around Christmas called Jolabokaflod. This tradition sees everyone receiving a book for Christmas and spending the time enjoying some quiet reading. If your loved one enjoys a quiet night in, this could be the perfect, relaxing gift.

Something they don’t know they want

Katy says: “This can be the showstopper to your gift, but it does take extra time to truly know what your friends and family want without them asking for it. Ditch the Christmas list and gift with your heart. This is all about showing just how well you know your loved ones. So, even if they have everything they could ever want, you can find something they didn’t even know they wanted.”

Think bold when it comes to gifting something they’d never consider. You’ll want to pick a gift that is more about their personality than something they’ve spotted in the shops. an experience at a top restaurant can bring the wow factor. If they love craft, try booking them a pottery class, or if your person is more of a homebody, make a night of it with a wine selection and Bob Ross-inspired painting evening – to truly nurture their passion together.

You can gift your loved ones the class or adventure that’s been on their list for a long time or surprise them with something you think may suit their personality. Some of the entries in the SurveyMonkey study include “A gourmet cooking class with my mom”, “Skydiving”, and “Sunset cocktail cruise with my fiancé”, proving that experience gifts are also a great way to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

You can even make the most of your time together by booking them a trip abroad or a staycation – which will always be one of the most memorable gifts in one’s lifetime. You can really keep the anticipation high with this type of gift by not revealing the destination and only providing subtle hints about it. For an extra-special gift, make sure you have their suitcase already packed and ready to go for them if you’re whisking them right away – you can even hide a guidebook in their hand luggage to add to the excitement for when they reach for their passport.

In the SurveyMonkey study, almost 60 people referenced a trip as their best present ever, and destinations included everything from Italy and Brazil to “a weekend in the desert”. In the end, it is all about the time you spend together. If you’re buying for someone who has everything, the additional difference is you!

How to present the gift

Presenting your gift in a thoughtful way adds to the anticipation and enhances the experience. Consider designing a printed voucher on high-quality paper for a polished look, adding a ribbon or vintage seal, or even a handwritten note.

Adding personalisation into your gift can make it extra special. Whether you’re leading with an inside joke or simply writing a heartfelt message, making sure your gift has something personal can ensure your loved one knows how much thought you put into it.

You can also come up with a creative reveal method, such as placing the voucher in a small box filled with items that hint at the experience or delivering it via post. And lastly, don’t forget to capture the moment of the big reveal so that you can come back to it again and again.


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