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10 Top Tips for Surviving a Festival with Kids

10 Top Tips for Surviving a Festival with Kids

Family Friendly Festivals are amazing and wonderful for children and adults alike but here are 10 Top Tips for Surviving a Festival with Kids and making it even better!

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We love a Family Friendly Festival here at Mini Travellers and have some great reviews on the site linked to this post, Dates of the Top Family Friendly Festivals

Choose Carefully

There are some amazing festivals out there that are very family friendly, but read reviews carefully. Work out what will be best for you and your family? Do you want bands late into the night, or do you want a child focused event which is pretty much done by 10pm?

Could you be more ECO Friendly?

Here are 12 Ways to have a sustainable eco-friendly festival!

Go with Friends

Festivals are more fun I think in bigger groups, particularly if it rains! You can band together, share toilet trips with kids, share the trips to the bar and generally enjoy the fun together making memories.

Nozstock Family Friendly Festivall

Pack the right clothes!

With British Summer as it is you are going to need Wellies, raincoats, sun hats and suncream as a starter for 10. If you’re camping think about it getting colder at night, if you’re not think about where you will put everything during the day as it turns from sunshine to rain or vice versa.

Don’t overpack

Whilst advising above that you need to take all the right clothes, I am separately advising that you need to try hard not to overpack.  If you’re camping think about how you will get your kit from your car to your tent. Your car is very unlikely to be next to your tent unlike when you camp normally.  A recent festival trip saw a friend of mine taking a LOT of trips from car to tent and back again!

Nozstock Family Friendly Festivall

Pack Piriton & Calpol

English Summers and fields can bring with them midges and bites.  Piriton is my go to item to pack, just in case.  Together with Calpol which can also cure a multitude of sins.

Food & Drink

Think about food and drink.  Do you want to buy food at the festival? If you do consider the cost and make sure you’re happy with this? Most festivals won’t prevent you taking in picnics or even alcohol – just check the rules for each festival yourself.  It makes sense to take water and snacks, particularly with young children who may not always appreciate the selection on offer.

Geronimo Festival

Ear Defenders

Consider taking some ear defenders with you.  Even the older kids might find the music loud at some festivals and will welcome the ‘break’ from the noise.  My very nearly 7 year old found the music a little too loud at a small music stage at Nozstock 2017, whilst the younger twins got on the stage itself so you can never be sure which children might need them.


Consider what you want to take with you? Read reviews from other festival goers who have attended before, see what they recommend.  Is the ground too bump for a pram, would a sling be better?

Check out our bumper post about Baby Carriers!

Would a pram help them sleep at night? Would a trolley work better all round.

Check out this ‘festival’ trolley that was decorated by one of our team for the recent Deer Shed festival.

Dates of the Top 15 Family Friendly Festivals 2017 and Dates of the Top 16 Family Friendly Festivals 2018.

A plan if they get lost?

Festivals can be busy chaotic places.  You need a plan in case they get separated from you.  Most festivals will suggest you write the kids number on their festival wrist band,  We have from time to time done this on their shoes too.  If they are too little for the bands, as they can come off, think about decorating an old plain t-shirt with your phone number on the front.  

Elderflower Fields festival giant bubbles

Have Fun and Relax

Music will go on until later.  Campfires will burn.  Sweets will be used to get an extra hour out of the kids, and marshmellows will be roasted over the bbq.  The kids might even get their first taste of a fizzy drink.  But most importantly you will have fun and so will they, if you relax and settle into the festival spirit!

Now just to decide which one to book!

Dates of the Top Family Friendly Festivals

Family Friendly Festivals are amazing and wonderful for children and adults alike but here are 10 Top Tips for Surviving a Festival with Kids and making it even better!
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Wednesday 2nd of August 2017

These are great tips, Karen. We've only been to one festival with our kids, and I don't think we'd have enjoyed it anywhere near as much if we hadn't gone with about four other families. The distraction of other children helped our kids forget the rain!

Erin Ek Rush

Tuesday 1st of August 2017

Great tips! I was kicking myself for not sorting a trolly for our last festival. It would have saved us time and money!

Claire at Tin Box Traveller

Monday 31st of July 2017

We've just ordered a trolley for our first family festival. It seems like the most versatile option especially as we plan to pack a picnic for some meals during the event

Sam | North East Family Fun Travel Blog

Monday 31st of July 2017

Fab advice as always Karen. I can't imagine having to take more than one trip back to the car for luggage so always try and keep packing to a minimum. I do make my poor kids carry quite a bit though! Luckily the two festivals we enjoyed last year had a car park right next to the camping field - this is definitely not always the case though!

I always pack snacks (and sometimes sneak them in if food is not allowed) as festival food can cost a fortune and my three seem to be constantly hungry! We tend to eat breakfast in the tent, homemade sandwiches for lunch and buy our evening meal and one snack per day from the food stands.

I would also add - take your own water. My three don't like drinking from a tap in a field and say it tastes of poo! Their words not mine! haha!

Mini Travellers

Monday 31st of July 2017

Fabulous tips too Sam, thanks

Alice Project: Wanderlust

Monday 31st of July 2017

Totally agree that you should go with friends - the best family festival experiences we've had have been when our friends from school have joined us!

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