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Why You Should Fly From Liverpool Airport

Why You Should Fly From Liverpool Airport

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Today we flew Easyjet to Faro from Liverpool John Lennon Airport. We live on the Wirral so Liverpool Airport is only 40 minutes from us but even if it is slightly further away for you, here is why I would recommend a flight from there.

1. Whilst it has increased in size a lot the last ten years it is still relatively small when compared to Manchester/Gatwick/Heathrow.  This means that it doesn’t take long to get anywhere in it. From the Check In desk to your gate will take less than 15 minutes (maybe twenty with kids in tow).

2 Parking at Liverpool is a doddle.  If you park in the multi storey you will literally be across a very small road from the airport. Not the same as Manchester where you can be significantly further away even in short stay. If you book Premium Parking you can be even closer and take a covered walkway from the larger spaces into the airport.

Parking, like at any airport can be extremely expensive, so lots of people use public transport or taxis to get to the airport or even ask friends and families drive them there.

To help you there are companies who offer cheap parking in the immediate vicinity of the airports, and Liverpool airport is no exception. This way you can drive to the airport and not have to spend too much on parking. A large provider of this kind is TravelCar. The start-up from France offers various mobility services. In addition to low-cost parking spaces, it is also possible
to book rental cars at an affordable price via the site. As a result of its rapid growth, the company has now been taken over by the automobile giant PSA, known primarily for its Peugeot, Citroën and Vauxhall brands. 1.5 million customers already use its services in 180 countries. Check out their offer at Liverpool airport here.

3 They are friendly at Liverpool Airport it being predominantly staffed by cheerful scousers. We managed to miss the instructions for Premium Parking (due to the kids fighting) and turned up at the multi storey. When the gate didn’t recognise our number plate (because we were in there wrong place) one press of a button to the helpful man on the information button and he quickly sorted it all out for us and suggested we just park in there. Pragmatic, helpful, a great service.

4. We had managed to pack only hand luggage for our four night stay (something of a miracle!) so we went straight through to security. We also had fast passes through security which is so worthwhile with kids. It wasn’t very busy that morning but it definitely saved 15 minutes waiting in line (time we used to buy toast).  Fast Track is available to all passengers from only £3.50 per person when you book online – a saving of 30% on the walk-up price of £5 per person.

5. Once through security (which was painless due to putting all iPads/laptops/cameras in one bag rather than distributing them) it wasn’t far to the gate at all. Less gates means they are less spread out at Liverpool and so you don’t have as far to walk. This is helpful when you have three little ones pulling their own cases.

6. Having flown with Jet2 from East Midlands  late last year and feeling as though the flight went from another airport, such was the length of bus journey we had to go on to get to the plane, it was refreshing to walk through the gate and straight onto the plane.

7. Our 6.35 flight to Faro was the first flight out of Liverpool Airport that morning and left on time, no fuss. It was a doddle.

8. Top marks to the friendly team on Easyjet and at Liverpool Airport making it a painless early morning flight with three Under 5’s.

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