Why Maderia is an ideal all year round holiday destination by a 9 year old

Why Maderia is an ideal all year round holiday destination by a 9 year old

Madeira is known as the Pearl of the Atlantic. Why? Because first of all,the weather is absolutely beautiful! We don’t get much sun in England nowadays ; it is great to travel there and not just in summer! In summer,it is roughly 27°C.In winter,it is roughly 19°C. Which means it’s an ideal all year round holiday destination.

Futhermore, there is a fabulous atmosphere. You can make so many friends in Madeira, it’s unbelievable! The people there are so friendly. My Dad is from Madeira, and one of the main reasons we visit is to see my grandparents.

The environment is so safe and clean ; you rarely see any plastic water bottles or other rubbish strewn about the streets.
Madeira is a Portuguese island, which is situated near the Canary Islands and Morocco.It is a three and-a-half hour flight from the UK, but I recommend all nervous flyers close their eyes whilst landing there because it has one of the most smallest runways to land at! Don’t be put off though, because once you’re there you’ll love it! The locals speak good English, but if you want to test out your Portuguese you could try out a few commonly known phrases like ”Bom dia!” or ”Ola!” or ”Ate logo!” (Good Evening, Hello, See you later.)

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The capital city of Madeira is Funchal, and some popular things to do there are to:

•Visit the market-The tropical fruit there is rare and unusual! There’s bananas that taste like apples, oranges that taste like mangos, passion fruits that taste like tomatoes! The stall holders let you taste a free sample of their delicious fruits before you decide whether you want to purchase more.

Why Maderia is an ideal all year round holiday destination by a 9 year old

•Try a tobbogan ride!-These are the best things to go on whilst bored, as you can go speeding down roads on one at such fast speed! The toboggan is one of Madeira’s most famous attractions, and used to be a proper form of transport in Funchal years ago!

Why Maderia is an ideal all year round holiday destination by a 9 year old

The Madeiran food, such as Madeira wine and Madeira cake is delicious! One of the most famous dishes is Espada.It’s a long ugly-looking black fish that is only found in very deep waters, such as in Madeira.It is served with a full cooked banana on top, which sounds strange, but is actually really tasty! Two other famous specialities of Madeira are of course Madeira wine and Madeira cake.The wine isn’t like normal table wine, it’s dark red, sweet and juicy.The Madeira cake isn’t like the sponge cake we know of, as it’s dark brown and sticky.

If you want to take a trip to somewhere quiet and out of the city, Faja dos Padres is one of the best places to go! It’s a gorgeous, peaceful beach, with only one restaurant serving tasty dishes made from tropical fruits and vegetables grown on the land there.

Why Maderia is an ideal all year round holiday destination by a 9 year old

Faja dos Padres can only be accessed by a short yet exciting cable car journey down the mountain followed by a short walk to the beach through banana plantations, orange and lemon trees and mango groves. It’s amazing to see how these things grow, but you are not allowed to pick them!

I am sure you will want to consider going to Madeira after reading about all it has to offer. Try it! You won’t be disappointed!

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