Morocco Memories by a 9 year old

Morocco Memories by a 9 year old

When I was 4 in 2015 I went to a place called Morocco. The adventure was really fun.

On the first day we went and settled into our apartment the owner of the apartment said that there was only two other people in the place and us so we technically had the place to our self.

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When we were  heading to our bed rooms [our bed rooms were on the bottom floor ] I saw a little mini water bit. Since I was 4 and didn’t go to school at that point so I wasn’t that smart I thought it was a pool so obviously I asked my mum could we go to that pool place over there pointing to the direction that the  mini pool was and she said okay we will ask the owner if that is alright.

So we unpacked all of our stuff and asked the owner if we could and he said yes but that is not a pool I looked confused but my mum asked if it is not a pool then what is. He said that it was an air freshener for the place because it was really warm in here so the pool was to keep the place cool.

So after I learned that it was not a pool … I still wanted to go In it and he was right it was cold but not just cold … FREEZING but I wasn’t sacred to go in because of that reason I was scared in case there was a shark in the pool so I dipped my toe in. It was cold and dark so I tried and tried till I felt like I could go into the pool, and finally I could go in fully.

So that was half of my day wasted but when I was scared to go in my sister my mums friends and my mum were just sitting  on the sun chairs next to the pool watching me get in and out all the time so after that we went up to the roof top and made friends with the people that were here.                                                                                                                                                                 

On the roof top we made friends with the other people that were on holiday as well .Then we played Bambi and they were the skunks. They were very funny skunks so they were called the skunks for the rest of the holiday then we watched the sunset then we went to bed.

Morocco is famous for markets, camels and even magic lamps. The next morning we woke up it was kind of sunny my mums friends were in the pool place on the sun chairs while I was heading up to meet them I  made friends with the apartments cat and carried it upstairs and said look I am carrying the cat.

After that we went out into the markets and I got a magic lamp it was so cool. Then we went on a camel ride we had to put on a scarf thing I didn’t know what it was but I just kept it on. And to get there and back we got a horse and car it was so fun. After a vey fun day we then went out on the roof top to watch the sunset again.    

For a more relaxed Moroccan alternative to Marrakech, instead head to the relaxed port town of Essaouira with it’s long stretch if sandy beach offering surf lessons, camel riding and quad biking, and a traffic-free medina, which is a UNESCO heritage site.                                                             

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