White Water Changing Robe Review

White Water Changing Robe Review

Are you a parent that stands freezing at the side of a pitch or maybe a cross country field, well yes, me too! That was before I tried the game changer that is the White Water Changing Robe.

If you’re looking for a stylish, eco friendly changing robe, White Water have you covered. I was pleased to see the original designs on offer, they make a pleasant change from the usual black, khaki & camouflage designs that flood the market of changing robes.

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Initially I did make the mistake of trying this on in the house when I first received it, that didn’t last long, the mistake being it was way too warm, so it definitely ticks the box for keeping you toasty both inside (not recommended!) and outside the house. I live in a windy seaside town and on my Dad’s weekly visits he jokes he has his ‘New Brighton coat’ with him to withstand the chilling wind, well now I have found my New Brighton coat of choice and I wish I hadn’t waited as long to make the move.

White Water also has me covered at Thursday Track, which always seems to be arctic and wet whilst stood watching my daughter, not anymore, this is now my go to protection in the biting wind & rain. It’s become my coat of choice for ferrying my daughter to training, to races and all outdoor activities, it even came in handy as a make shift blanket when we needed a sit down rest this weekend, with the outer waterproof layer stopping us getting cold and wet from the ground.

I love that White Water have considered the Eco aspect in designing their changing robe, with both the inner and outer fabrics being made from recycled material. The outer fabric is made from a ripstop material, which is strong & lightweight. The grid design in ripstop fabric helps to stop tears from spreading, providing added protection and reassurance for your changing robe when used in harsher conditions. This is then backed by a waterproof, windproof & breathable TPU membrane and helps to keep the robe lightweight and moveable, it doesn’t feel heavy or cumbersome in any way.

Inside the White Water Robe is lined with a recycled polyester Sherpa fleece that is designed to wick away moisture and it passed this test at the weekend when I relinquished the robe to my daughter after her Biathle (run-swim-run) race. There wasn’t a shiver in sight, as we have previously experienced. She happily hung around to cheer on other competitors and pose for photos, despite her still having her wet tri-suit on in the wintery conditions of North Yorkshire, the White Water Changing Robe was a huge help in drying her off and keeping her warm.

Let’s talk pockets, who doesn’t need plenty of them…The fleece lined hand pockets are super soft and cosy, with parachute pullers, so no fiddling with tiny zips when your hands are ice cold with zero feeling in them. Easy access, sizeable storage or just to keep your extremities warm, I can fit my hand and half my forearm in them. There is also an external chest pocket with a waterproof zip design which is large enough to fit your phone and other valuables, again with the parachute puller to provide easy access. Lastly there is an internal pocket which is designed to place underwear or a costume in it. I would describe this as more of a pouch as it does not have a zip fastening, however, it is deep and fit for purpose.

All aspects of this coat have been well considered during the design, from a generous adjustable hood, to deep & warm fleece lined pockets, to the hanging loop on the rear of the jacket, it is functional and stylish and quickly becomes a key wardrobe item. For me another big plus is that it is machine washable, who has the time for hand washing, and if you’re using this in a muddy field or as a change robe at the side of a lake, you will most likely be getting it dirty and in turn need to clean it.

So what about the fit…I’m a size 14-16 and find I tend to buy 16-18 size coats for ease of movement and to allow for layers. However, I’m wearing a Small Adult White Water Changing Robe, recommended for dress size UK 6-12, and I would say if you don’t intend to get changed in the robe, then size down, there is still plenty of space for layers. If you are looking to use your White Water robe to change in, then stay true to size to give yourself the extra room.

I would definitely recommend the White Water Changing Robe, I use it regularly as we spend many hours outdoors and it will be first on my packing list for camping later in the year. For me, I only have one problem, my 11 year old daughter loves it too and is often racing off with it! Although it does keep her warm and snug before and after races, so I must get her one too.

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