What to Pack when Caravanning with Children

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If you are planning on going caravanning with children for the first time you may be at a loss as to what to pack. If you are traveling by car to the caravan site then it isn’t too bad as you will be able to take more thing than if you are going by train, or even by plane if going somewhere like a Eurocamp. Caravanning with children can be so much fun. These types of holidays are usually a lot more relaxed then when staying in hotels, there is more freedom for them to explore than if staying in an air b n b and you are better protected from the elements than when camping. You will enjoy it even more if you remember to pack some of the following essentials to ensure you are covered for all eventualities. Don’t forget to get the right caravan insurance too.

Waterproofs and sun cream

Yes you read that right we advise you pack for both extreme heat and torrential rain, or at least extreme puddle jumping. You see caravan parks seem to have their own weather systems., it can be really hot one minute and raining the next. Plus, there are often puddles, ponds or even lakes surrounding the caravan sites which are so much fun to jump in, fish from, and explore but are a complete nightmare if you have forgotten the children’s wellies and waterproofs, so make sure you pack them. Having full body waterproof suits also means that you can generally strip off their footwear and outerwear at the door of the caravan and send them straight to the shower without them dripping water everywhere or having heavy coats and their only pair of shoes soaking wet and in despite need of drying by the next morning.

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Old or spare clothes

This goes hand in hand with the above point. Caravanning with children often means they make loads of friends and turn in to feral children that spend their days rolling in the mud, climbing trees, skidding across the grass playing football and attracting every little bit of dirt they can find. In other words, living their best lives. If you have packed old clothes you will find your are much more relaxed and willing to sit back whilst they play than if you have packed their best clothes planning for days out and meals in restaurants.

Card games or travel games

The evenings can be the hardest times to occupy the kids, especially if there is no onsite entertainment and the weather is wet, windy and dark. Instead of all lazing around the caravan watching telly, playing on technology or moaning about being board use this time to play some family friendly games. There are lots of card games or free printable travel games available that are suitable for the whole family and that are easy to learn such as Uno, monopoly travel cards and even snap. Once the kids get into these games and see how competitive the adults can be you will find it fast becomes a highlight of their holiday.

Bikes and scooters

If you are traveling by car and have the room or a bike rack then taking the children’s bikes and scooters will be a great idea. You will find that lots of other children on the site will have theirs and this means yours can join in with them too. If you can also take the adult’s bikes too then do as you will have great fun exploring the local area and going on bike rides.

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Disposable BBQ

Okay, I know what you are thinking, you have a perfectly good caravan with full cooking facilities so you don’t need a BBQ but lets be honest, if you ask kids what they think of when you say camping they will probably mention roasting marshmallows over a fire or BBQ, so just because you have upgraded from tent to caravan doesn’t mean this little tradition needs to stop. Find out you if you can BBQ outside your caravan or if they have designated areas on the site or even if they are allowed at the local woodlands or beach. Then pack up your sausages and marshmallows and get the kids involved in cooking tea under the stars. A cheap but highly memorable evening

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