8 Ways to Take a Passport Photo of a Baby, Tried and Tested by Parents


Have you tried to take a baby’s passport photo? It’s not an easy task, and the requirements are so strict it feels stressful. Taking a baby’s photo for a passport can be a bit challenging due to the infant’s age and the specific requirements for passport photos. We asked parents who had had some success to tell us their top tips. Here are some steps to help you get a suitable passport photo for your baby:

1. Use The Correct Lighting

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Find an area with even, natural lighting to take the photo. Avoid harsh shadows or direct sunlight. You can use a white sheet or wall as a background to create a uniform backdrop. Also keep the baby’s head straight: Make sure the baby’s head is facing the camera with their eyes open and looking directly at the camera. An image editing tool can also be helpful for photo correction if you need to fix issues with lighting, color balance or sharpness afterwards

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2. Lift the Baby Over Your Head

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Lift with your arms straight up with the baby in a firm, safe grip, with a white background behind. Be sure to remove any accessories: Remove any headbands, pacifiers, or hats, as these are generally not allowed in passport photos.

3. Use a Bouncy Chair

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Start the baby in the baby chair and then a large piece of white card or sheet behind his/her back. Frame the photo with the baby’s face and shoulders visible. The baby’s face should be centered and fill the frame, but leave some space around the head to meet the passport photo size requirements.

4. Put a White Sheet on the Floor

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Putting a sheet on the floor and standing directly above the baby will help you get an even view. Babies can be fussy and may not cooperate for a perfect shot on the first try. Be patient and take multiple photos to ensure you have a suitable one.

5. Go To The Store or Post Office

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Let someone who has experience with passport photos take the photos. Get advice from the staff on how to get them right. They will know the specific passport photo requirements for your country. Different countries may have slightly different specifications for size, background color, and other details.

6. Use a Sheet

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Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

Sit behind your baby with a white sheet over yourself, then hold them up from behind the sheet. Ensure that your hands or any supporting objects are not visible in the photo. The background should be plain and unobstructed.

7. Use a Bumbo Chair

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Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

A bumbo chair will prop the baby up, hang a white sheet behind them and snap the perfect shot. Ensure the photo is clear, sharp, and not overexposed or underexposed. The background should be white, and the baby’s face should have natural skin tones with no filters.

8. Put a White Pillowcase Over a Changing Mat

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Lay the baby on the changing mat with a white pillowcase over it on the floor. Now, take the passport photo from above.

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