Ultimate Family Camping Packing List for Festivals

Geronimo Festival

So what do you put on a Family Camping Packing List for Festivals?

In reality the answer is LOTS of clothes and as little other stuff as possible !  You basically have to pack for a whole British Summer in one weekend if you head to a family friendly festival, which means it includes wellies, flip flops, trainers, rain coat(where you can use these camping tips and gear must have’s) and sun hats, but you can’t park your car next to your tent like you can do on an ordinary camping trip so it means carrying everything (sometimes quite a long distance) from the car to the tent!!

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  • Some festival goers swear by a large wheeled Camping trolly to transport everything to your tent, bedding etc. However depending on the festival you are going to, this can be more of a hindrance, particularly if it’s muddy.  Large back packs work better for us with clothes in, leaving hands free for other items!
  • Wellies – A festival essential.  We’ve struggled with wellies over the last few months as we’ve sadly worn them a lot, so have turned to Muddy Puddles for these fleece lined wellies, hoping they will be more comfortable.  Review to follow!
  • Waterproof Sandals – For the three girls I have tended to pack their new Keen Sandals (waterproof and washable) more on these here
  • Walking Shoes – Hubby can’t do wellies so he favours these Salomon Walking Shoes which are waterproof and amazingly comfortable – perfect for all his extra trips back to the car whilst I mind the kids and open the wine!
  • Trainers – If I can fit them in (and I usually do) I like to take trainers for us all to wear when we get back to the tent and are chilling out.  I hate wearing wellies for longer than I have to and I also detest wearing wet shoes. Extra socks and dry trainers are a luxury for me.
  • Sleeping Bags – worth investing in good quality ones as they pack down small and keep you actually warm.  There aren’t many summer nights that aren’t cold in the UK are there.  We have these Snugpack Basecamp Explorer ones for the kids and they are so small when packed up, yet perfectly warm and cosy.
  • Picnic rug – We favour a tent carpet when camping for longer periods of time but a waterpoof backed picnic rug is multipurpose for a Festival trip as you can take it into the festival itself too for picnics.  I still love this Rubbastuff one as it is so small and light when packed up.
  • Spare Bag!  – However organised I think I am, I always find myself carrying more things around at a festival, whether it is craft the kids have done, the kids jackets, or ‘keepsakes/crap’ the kids have bought.  A bag you can pack away small and bring out for these occasions is worth bringing along. I use this one from Rubbastuff.
  • Raincoats for all the family!
  • Sun cream – I’m a huge fan of the new spray ones or this new mousse type one from Bioderma, takes far less time!
  • ID bands with your child’s name and your emergency contact details on them, or you can write your phone number
  • Sun Hats and Sunglasses- I mean you never know.
  • Tent – However don’t let the lack of a tent put you off camping as most festivals now have ones that are already erected that you can hire for the weekend. If you are going to buy one make sure you buy one for more people than you think, as a tent for 4 is not comfortable for 4 people!
  • Water and Snacks – Once you’ve left the festival the kids will ALWAYS want a drink and will inevitably be be hungry. We take a large box of cereal that they like to eat dry too.
  • Clothes – Basically lots of layers.  They will get mucky, likely to get wet and they will want fresh clothes to change into!
  • Footless Onesies – Thick and warm to put on before bed, but without the feet means they won’t get damp feet.
  • Potty – Regardless of the age of your children, I might* have used it myself in the past too.
  • Self inflating sleep mats – much easier to transport than air beds and pretty much as comfortable.
  • Toilet Paper – Essential – enough said
  • Wet wipes and Hand Sanitiser – Lots
  • Calpol !
  • Mini First Aid Kit – Although most festivals will have this it’s good to have plasters, antiseptic wipes, and aspirin etc with you.

Have you ever wondered about a Backpack with Wheels to carry all your stuff?

Ultimate Family Camping Packing List www.minitravellers.co.uk

NB: I was sent some of these items within this post but not all. It’s also a list of what I do actually take!

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