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Twins Baby Carrier

Twins Baby Carrier

If like me, you have twins, you may be wondering how to carry them around. Does it have to be a twin buggy or can you find a twin baby carrier, and do twins baby carriers work?

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To be honest most of the time a twin pram does make sense (for your shoulders) or even a single buggy and a single baby carrier, but there are times when only a twin baby carrier will do.

21 of the Best Baby Carriers

So what do your choices look like?

Best Twins Baby Carrier

Izmi Baby Wrap

From £49.00

The Izmi Wrap is a soft and supportive baby wrap, perfect for newborns and beyond.

Having designed one of the best new baby carriers in recent years, Izmi has now created one of the best stretchy wraps on the market.

These are suitable for carrying twins

The Minimonkey Twin Carrier

The Minimonkey Twin Carrier is a great solution for anyone with twins.  This unique twins baby carrier allows you to carry both of your babies in a natural, ergonomic position.  Perfect for around the house and shorter trips out, it’s safe comfortable and easy to use.

The Minimonkey is designed to carry two babies of similar sizes, one on each side.  This is exactly how many twin parents find themselves carrying their babies in their arms.  The Minimonkey keeps your babies close and settled, whilst allowing you to be completely hands free!

Suitable from babies’ first months and tested up to a maximum weight of 12kg per baby (total 24kg).  The Minimonkey has wide straps and a padded waistband, making it great at distributing the weight of your babies around your whole torso.

The Minimonkey supports your babies hips in a safe, ergonomic position and is certified as a ‘Hip Healthy’ product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

This is a really clever twin carrier that’s perfect for parents who want to carry their babies on their hips.


Weego Twins Baby Carrier

  • Specially designed for twins from the day of birth
  • Suitable for premature babies from 1,800 g
  • Unique 2-bag system – “grows” with the baby
  • Ergonomic and hip-friendly for the baby
  • Easy to use

You can read a full review of the Weego Twins Baby Carrier here

Twins Baby Carrier Weego

TwinGo Twin Baby Carrier

  • TwinGo Twin Baby Carrier can be worn as two separate front carriers, each carrying one baby, from approx. 10lbs – 45lbs (4.5kg – 20kg) – (or from 8lbs (3.6kg) with the infant insert)
  • Suitable for tandem carrying (one baby on your front, the other on your back) or as 2 separate back carriers from 5-6months upwards, up to a combined weight of 70lbs.
  • Suits men and women of all sizes

You can read a full review of the TwinGo Twin Baby Carrier here.

21 of the Best Baby Carriers

Twins Baby Carrier
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