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When the lovely people at Skip Hop asked if we would like to use some of their travel products I didn’t hesitate.  

I have seen kids with these beautiful backpacks in the past and knew my girls would love them.  I also wanted to try out their neck pillows as if I can do anything to help the kids to be comfortable on a flight then I will, and if it encourages sleep then all the better.

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The beauty of the Skip Hop range is that there is something for every child in terms of what they might like, their range of animal to chose from is superb:

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Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Bac...Shop on Amazon Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Pac...Shop on Amazon Skip Hop Zoo Pack Narwhal, ...Shop on Amazon Skip Hop Zoo Neck Rest (Gir...Shop on Amazon

If your child (or you) choose carefully (there isn’t a neck pillow to match every back pack design) then you can match up the backpack to the neck pillow and my girls always love matching things!

We chose the Owl, Monkey & Giraffe backpacks with matching neck pillows.  They arrived quickly and the girls were thrilled.  The colours and design really are very eye catching, but not in a Peppa Pig garish colours kind of way, in a lovely colours and design kind of way.  They also look really durable.

Skip Hop

The backpacks are a really good size.  They easily hold enough books and sticker books for a flight (or a day out) and the mesh side pocket adjusts to fit a juice box, sippy cup or water bottle.  The front pouch is perfect for crayons and pencils (or anything that needs to be easy to find) and the straps were declared comfortable and easy to put on by my 4/5 year olds.

Skip Hop

The neck pillows are really lovely and fit well round the necks of my children. They unfortunately did not induce sleep in my three, but that might have been the short length of flight and time of day, but we can dream that one day they might!

Skip Hop

I’d say my 4/5 year olds are at the end of the age range that would love these designs, but at 4/5 they very much still do.  I really wish we had discovered them when they were younger.  Backpacks are available for £20 from

If your kids are a little older or these type pf backpacks aren’t your thing, do check out Jenny’s round up of the best travel backpacks for kids.

Skip Hop

NB: We were sent these products to review but all views and opinions are my own.

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