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So what do you buy your significant other for Christmas if they are a lover of all things travel? I promise this isn’t just a blog post to signpost by husband as to what to get me for Christmas, but if anyone does know him, please do feel free to tag him!

This is quite an eclectic collection of ideas (it really is starting to look a little bit like a list of thing I want doesn’t it!)

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1. Camera Case

Most people obsessed with travel are likely to have their own camera, but whilst shopping yesterday with my Mum in Liverpool I chatted to the man in the camera shop about my new camera, a Panasonic Lumix, and he happily told me all about the camera accessories pack or just cases you can buy for it.  I most definitely need a case for this lovely camera (that I’m still learning to use) as it usually lives right at the bottom of my handbag.


2. Longchamp Travel Bag

I’m lucky enough to have a beautiful Longchamp Travel Bag already which hubby bought me to celebrate our third wedding anniversary (leather) but there is always room for another.  This is the one I have! But I would really like another… (mm I did say it wasn’t about me didn’t I?!?)


3. New Suitcases

As someone obsessed with travel and knowing lots of others, I have realised I am not the only person with a suitcase addiction.  I’ve recently reviewed a number of sets of suitcases but I think these new 8 Wheel 360 Degree Technology Case by Z Frame are a cut above. If suitcases are on your Christmas list, take a look at these. RRP £210. Full review to follow.


4. Surprise holiday

What could be a better present to open on Christmas Day than tickets for a week away in a villa somewhere or a trip away for the weekend to a city neither of you have seen.  Villa Holidays have been some of my favourite trips away as a family, together with the farm stay ones and the cottage ones and the resort ones … oh ok all the holidays really.

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5. Tickets to a Festival

If booking a surprise holiday is just not what your significant other would appreciate or is a bit much just before Christmas, what about booking tickets for a festival.  There is a post about Family Friendly Festivals here or perhaps bookmark dates for just the two of you to go to V Festival or Glastonbury if that’s more your thing.


6. Turn photographs into gifts

Anyone travel loving is likely to have hundreds of photos of all those trips. These days they all too often end up unprinted and stuck on a computer somewhere.  I try and print off a photo book after very major trip, although I haven’t done Tignes or Turkey yet, it is on the list to do.  I have however had one of my favourite photos printed off on wood to put on the wall, and I think these make lovely gifts. It is 2cm thick and having it backed onto wood gives it real presence. I literally uploaded the photograph to Whitewall, they said wait two weeks, but within 4 days it had arrived.  It is a particular favourite photo of mine. Still loads of time to order before Christmas too.


7. Magazine Subscription

For the travel lover what about something like Lonely Planet or the Sunday Time Travel Magazine. We love getting The Week (every week surprise surprise) which is a round up of the weeks papers in one magazine, however I definitely want to start getting Wanderlust too! An annual subscription would be a lovely gift for me.


8. Travel Scratch Map

Recently I took part in the Autumn Surprise Project organised by Capture by Lucy and received a fabulous travel scratch map from my lovely surprise sender.  It’s a really lovely Christmas gift for those of us who are travel obsessed.
What else would be on your list??

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