Top Tips for BeWILDerwood Cheshire

Top Tips for BeWILDerwood Cheshire

Yesterday we visited BeWILDerwood Cheshire for the first time. I’ve wanted to take the girls to the Norfolk one for ages but it’s so far away from us in the North West so I was delighted when they decided to open one in Whitchurch, Cheshire.

We had a lovely time yesterday but we had received some tips from guests who had been before and so I’m going to pass those onto you, with a few extra ones too.

Top Tips for BeWILDerwood Cheshire

Where is BeWILDerwood Cheshire?

It’s north of Whitchurch on the A49 in south west Cheshire near the border with Shropshire.

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Book Tickets to BeWILDerwood

Especially at the moment (14.6.21) when capacity is at a third of its actual capacity, you are likely to need to book a ticket in advance. Lots of weekend dates are already sold out for the next few weeks. You don’t have to book a time slot just a day so get booking early.

Prices for BeWILDerwood Cheshire

Unit 92cm FREE, 92cm-105cm £17.50, over 105cm £19.50, 65+ £12.50


The structures may not be suitable for heavily pregnant ladies, so those who are over 20 weeks along can book a free of charge ‘carers’ ticket. They ust ask that you bring your MATB1 letter along with you when you visit to show the team at the gate

Top Tips for BeWILDerwood Cheshire

Visit BeWILDerwood Mid-Week if you can

An obvious point but if you have a mid week day you can visit, especially if you have younger children, then go for it. In the Summer months they are open 7 days a week 10am-5pm but it’s more limited to the weekend in the Winter.

Arrive Early or Late

We arrived at 10am and left by 1.30pm, but friends arrived at midday and left at 5pm. You’ll find the place quieter at either end of the day so choose which suits you. We always like it if it’s quieter when we arrive as it makes a better first impression.

Make your way straight to the back of the park to the zip wires

This is my girls top tip. In order to go on the zip wires you have to be 105cm tall and after 12 the queues for the zip wires can be quite long. In true Disney theme park style we ignored everything at the front of the of the park and made our way straight to the back. We had the zip wires to ourselves for nearly half an hour which we all loved. Yes I did have a few goes too.

Head Anti-Clockwise around BeWILDerwood Cheshire.

We found the slippy slides on the right hand side of the map significantly quieter than the ones near Cosy Cabin. In fact the whole park was quieter on that side with people naturally walking clockwise around the park and getting set up in that area.

Top Tips for BeWILDerwood Cheshire

Plan storytimes

If you want to take part in listening to the story time events, do confirm the time of these at the entrance and make sure you’re in the right place at the right time. Equally use that time to do things that might have been busy before as lots of the park might be watching.

Eat an early or late lunch

if you’re going to eat in either Munch Bar or Cosy Cabin then I’d recommend having an early lunch or a late lunch as the queues do seem to get quite busy. There is a decent lunch box for the kids for £4.95 which includes a sandwich, crisps, biscuits, drink and raisins.

Bring Picnic Blanket 

Even if your intending to buy your lunch at BeWILDerwood Cheshire I’d suggest bringing a picnic blanket as there was limited benches available outside Cosy Cabin.

There are more benches around Munch Bar, and actually some more squirrelled away near the open air theatre too.

What to wear at BeWLDERwood Cheshire

Wear leggings/light trousers even if warm as the slides can burn little legs and we did see some children crying about this as we visited on a gorgeous sunny day and sun dresses and shorts were the order of the day.

Good fitting shoes are also to be recommended as the paths are made of stones and you could feel them through my flip flops. Had I had on proper shoes I might* have been able to keep up with the kids.

*well I wouldn’t have been able to but it’s a decent excuse.

Top Tips for BeWILDerwood Cheshire

Would it be good to go to BeWLDERwood Cheshire in the rain?

My kid thought yes. They decided it would be quieter and the trees would give you lots of coverage so it wouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Covid Compliance at BeWLDERwood Cheshire

You don’t need to wear masks on site as it’s all outside but you do need masks for the shop and the toilets. There are also sanitiser spots all over the park and we saw people using these all day. Almost religiously.

Top Tips for BeWILDerwood Cheshire
Top Tips for BeWILDerwood Cheshire

Who is BeWLDERwood Cheshire suitable for?

BeWILDerwood state on the website that it’s suitable for 2-12 years old – we had two 9 year olds and a 10 year old and they loved the Zip Lines, the slides, the broken bridge and the sky maze.

For toddlers there are purpose built play areas and even mini zip wires.

Is BeWLDERwood Cheshire suitable for Pushchairs?

Yes the paths are pushchair friendly, but if your kids are small then they are likely to want you to go on the larger structures with them so an extra pair of hands, or a sling would be useful.

Is BeWLDERwood Cheshire suitable for Teenagers?

BeWILDerwood state on the website that it’s suitable for 2-12 years old. Albeit we saw lots of teenagers having fun with their younger siblings on the day we visited.

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