Top 10 Podcasts for Kids

Top 10 Podcasts for Kids

What if there was a way you could get your kids to spend less time on the screens of their phones, TV, Computers or tablets and still deliver educational content to them? When the concept of podcasts came around, the main target was adults but over the years, these podcasts have diversified to get kids in on the action.

Podcasts cover almost every topic imaginable and with these podcasts educating too, it becomes easy to see why they are gaining so much popularity. If you are looking for something quality to offer to your kids, this article presents some of the best podcasts out there for kids.

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1.    What if world

Have you had kids asking you all the weird questions you have no answer for? Or how would you answer a question like What if it rained sweets?

This podcast explores these kinds of questions and creates very vivid imaginations of what would happen if something else occurred. It’s funny and weird but just what your kid needs.

2.    Peace out

After a long day at play or school, kids also want something that will calm them down at night before they retire. This podcast is a sort of lullaby kind of podcast. It will help the kids unwind at the end of a busy day with stories.

3.    Sesame Street

Of course, the favourite cartoon channel has to have a podcast! Sesame Street brings about all the kids favourite characters to tell great stories, songs, and even some educational tips. It is a funny and interesting podcast.

4.    Story Pirates

This podcast is presented by real actors and other entertainers who tell the stories kids themselves write. They range from silly songs to more serious educational talks and entertaining stories.

5.    Brains On!

It’s time for the kids to get challenged to think bigger. This podcast, hosted by Molly Bloom explores different science based subjects and answers questions that are submitted by the listeners. There is a kid on the show alongside Molly all the time and the conversation is not only fun and interesting, but also educational.

6.    Wow In the world

This is great for the kids who want to learn new things about the world we live in. There is just so much interesting stuff to learn. Kids can be able to understand why things are the way they are and how things work.

7.    Book club for kids

If your kids love reading, this is the best podcast for them. They get to talk about books and even ask questions directly to the author who is usually present in the podcast.

8.    5 minutes with Dad

Dads have great wisdom and spending five minutes with them could mean learning a lot. In this podcast, join a dad and his two kids as they discuss a lot of things including love, courage, gratitude and how to be a good person.

9.    Tumble science podcast for kids

This is also a science-based podcast that can be enjoyed by the whole family. You get to explore everything from scientific discoveries to other scientific breakthroughs.

10. Little stories for tiny people

This is a great bedtime podcast. It features interesting stories in a funny way that will surely delight your kids.

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Top 10 Podcasts for Kids

Top 10 Podcasts for Kids
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