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Things to do in Paris with Toddlers

Things to do in Paris with Toddlers

We are off to Paris next year and whilst it’s now been a few years since I had toddlers, as I’ve been checking out what we are going to do when we are there, I have been reminded of all the things you can do in Paris with Toddlers.

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So although these are in no particular order, the ten things we recommend you try to do in Paris with toddlers are:

1. Visit the Jardin des Plantes

Our favourite thing to do in Paris as a family is to spend the afternoon at the Jardin des plantes.  It is located in the heart of Paris, near La Sorbonne, the jardin is the city’s botanical gardens and a real treat for toddlers. There is a small zoo, a playground with a kiosk for snacks and coffee and some thematic gardens with vegetation from different parts of the word. What more could you want with a toddler in Paris.

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2.  Visit the Louvre

Yes I know it doesn’t sound like a very toddler friendly thing to do, but as you’ll be up early anyway you may as well get up and get right to the front of the line when the Louvre opens.   Even if you don’t go in, it’s fun to spend some time looking at the architecture and there is two playgrounds and grass to run around on so perfect for toddlers.

3. Take a Family Friendly Tour

Paris excursions and tours done well can be a really amazing thing to do with your toddler. Paris City Vision do some  fabulous family friendly tours. Tours with a city tour of Paris in a panoramic bus, VIP visits to the Eiffel Tower, with lunch on the first floor, trips down the Seine or what about a private walking tour with your family at the Ile de la Cité. Escorted by an expert guide, you will visit the gorgeous Notre-Dame Cathedral and the amazing Conciergerie listening to tales, anecdotes and legends.

4. View the Eiffel Tower from the ground

With toddlers (and actually adults) the only place you can’t see the Eiffel Tower from in Paris, is from the top of it. So kids tend to like to view the Eiffel Tower without going up.  You can take a picnic or eat at one of the many stalls in front of it.

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5. Visit the Paris Aquarium

Toddlers love the Paris Aquarium with more than 500 aquatic species living in the largest tank.   You can see a huge variety of jellyfish from different parts of the world, sharks, seahorses and many other exotic species too.

6. Children’s Puppet Theatre

Yes these shows at the Théâtre des Marionnettes are in French but the toddlers don’t seem to mind. Kids of all ages loved the colours and the noice and the general hub bub. Check out the days of the week it’s on though before you promise t as the days do change.

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7.  Treasure Hunt in Paris with toddlers

We do these in most cities when travelling with the kids and these have just got more complex as mine have got older. With toddlers you can take them to a safe place like a church and ask them to count how many paintings they can see, or how many include Jesus etc etc, it;s a fab way of actually seeing something you want to see too!

8. Get a bird’s eye view in a Hot Air Balloon

I know this sounds crazy expensive but it really isn;, it is only 12 Euros per person and as kids go free it is an absolutely brilliant Paris toddler activities. The hot air balloon is in Parc Andre Citroen. It goes up around every 15 minutes during the day. It doesn’t take too long either so it is the perfect length for a toddler.
Ice Cream

9. Eating Nutella Crepes

There are so many different places to choose from but if your toddlers are anything like mine then they won’t worry about where they come from at all, you can simply stop at one of the many street sellers in Paris when there are cries of ‘I’m hungry” and deal with that need with chocolate pancake. Maybe one for you too!

10. Ice cream break at Berthillon

Sticking with the food theme you can break up your sightseeing in Paris with an ice cream treat at Berthillon. Conveniently located just behind Notre Dame cathedral, this is one of the city’s best glaciers (ice cream makers).
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