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When we first went away with our 6 month old to a family friendly cottage in the Cotswolds, we took absolutely everything with us.  We didn’t need to have done, the place contained everything we needed, but the car was packed to the rafters and we even packed a jumperoo!! Looking back at that holiday now, 5 years later, we laugh at our craziness, but we were new at this holidaying with babies lark and it can be worrying to know what you will or won’t need.

My advice on this front is to speak to the place you are staying, don’t rely on the information online and if you are worried, give them a call and ask whether they have the microwave or food processor. Yes we have friends who have taken them both!

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So what would be the essentials that I don’t think you can leave home without:

1. Car Seat

Obvious I know but it has to be on the list.  If you are taking a long journey across the country then a car seat that’s comfortable is a necessity.  I’m a huge fan of the campaign to ban the booster and to use high backed boosters for as long as possible.  These high backed booster seats really look the part and I think my nephew would love the batman one!

Kids Embrace 123 Car Seat Batman

2. Fold up pram/buggy

Even if your toddler isn’t using a buggy as much, it makes sense to take one away with you/or check they have one you can borrow.  Chances are that you’ll end up being out later with the kids when you’re aways so they might want to sit in one when they get tired, or you might be wanting them to walk for much longer than they are used to at a beach or theme park and you’ll get extra hours out of them if they can sit down.  One that folds up well and can be packed easily is really useful.

3. Sling or Baby Carrier

Lots of beaches in the UK are down steep steps or sand dunes.  Buggy’s are often difficult to use on the beach/on the hills, so it can be really useful to take a carrier with you to be used when a buggy might not be very practical.  We have ended up on day trips in the past where we haven’t been able to see the beach we have  driven to because the pram wouldn’t cope with the rocky path.  A carrier in the boot for just those occasions would have been perfect.  You can find a collection here at Online4baby.

4. Portable high chair

Most places you stay these days offer you the ability to hire a highchair and travel cot, but this can be expensive.  We usually had a portable high chair in the boot for those occasions when a high chair wasn’t available, or for feeding a child on the go.  There are lots of different types of these on the market now, some of which can even fit in your handbag!


5. Travel Blackout Blind

For me this one is a must. I am a little sleep obsessed (although I do wonder which parents aren’t) and when mine were little I panicked that they might wake up at 4am with the sun streaming through a badly curtained window, so we always packed a travel blind (yes we were the family that once packed a jumperoo so you may think this is over the top) but for me knowing we had this was reassuring and gave me more sleep.

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