Things To Do In Sarajevo With Kids

Things To Do In Sarajevo With Kids

Going to Sarajevo with kids and not sure where to take them? No worries, we’ve got you covered! From the zoo to the first alpine coaster in the country – this fun-filled guide of things to do in Sarajevo with kids will help you find the perfect pastime for you and your child!

The capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina is definitely not lacking in fun activities for the young ones. So, here are the top 8 things to do with your kids in Sarajevo!

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Take Them To The Zoo

The Zoo in Sarajevo is called Pionirska Dolina. It’s in the northeast part of the city, and you can get there with a trolleybus – just get out at the last stop of the trolleybus going to Jezero. Or get a cab.

The zoo will be lots of fun for the kids not only because they can see lots of animals, but also because it has a variety of entertaining activities. And some of them are really fun for adults as well – who can say no to a couple of rides in bumper cars?

There’s also a carousel for the youngest, a trampoline and a big rubber slide. And a pretty big playground park with slides, swings and playground telephones.

The animals will also be very interesting for the young ones. They will probably find bears the most interesting, but they will also love the lions, llamas and zebras. And you simply cannot miss the area with monkeys and reptiles – the furry little primates are always incredibly entertaining to watch.

Things To Do In Sarajevo With Kids

Playland in Sarajevo City Center

You will find Playland on the third floor of the Sarajevo City Center shopping mall. It’s a huge amusement center that actually stretches over two floors, and features dozens of fun activities for the kids. It’s modelled after the Playland in Istanbul, which is actually the largest amusement center of its kind in Europe.

Those rides include carousels, bumper cars, air hockey, slides, table football, a ball pit and lots of others. You can leave your child there while you go shopping or sit down for a meal, and the guardians at Playland will take excellent care of them.

With younger kids that need to be supervised, you pay by the hour (10KM/hour). With older kids, you can just buy them a bunch of tokens and let them have fun however they want.

Things To Do In Sarajevo With Kids

Sunnyland Trebevic

You can get to Sunnyland in 10-15 minutes with a car. In addition to that, the newly renovated cable car will also take you to Trebevic. The ride is pretty short, and it offers stunning scenic views from the city below. However, when you get out of the cable car, it’s a pretty long walk to Sunnyland – about an hour on foot. So, I recommend either driving or getting a cab.

And once you get there, you will love it. Sunnyland is an amusement park, and it’s actually the first of its kind to feature an alpine coaster. This thrilling ride is suitable for both kids and adults, and it’s lots of fun regardless of your age!

In addition to the alpine coaster, there are also two outdoor playground with lots of fun activities for the kids, an indoor play area that also features a game room, a kids cafe and a synthetic ice rink!

Sunnyland also features a cafe and a restaurant, so there’s a place where you can go for a quick bite or get some rest should you need it. Overall, it’s definitely one of the best places near Sarajevo, where you can have an amazing day with your kids.

Things To Do In Sarajevo With Kids


When I was little my parents would often take me go-karting, and I remember it as always being extremely fun. This is especially great if your kids are a bit older, since you can let them ride to go-karts on their own.

The best karting arena in Sarajevo is the SpeedXtreme. It’s an indoor arena, so it’s always open regardless of the weather conditions. It’s located in Stup, and it is close to the large Bingo supermarket in that area.

There is a height requirement for children – kids that want to ride go-karts need to be at least 1.25 meters tall. So it’s one of those things you can’t really do with very young kids, but your older children will have a plethora of fun.

You can go for an 8-minute ride, a 10-minute ride or you can buy 25 laps, depending what you’re in the mood for. The staff at the arena will track your lap time, and if you’re good enough, you might hit the high score list!

Things To Do In Sarajevo With Kids

Sarajevo Youth Theater

The Youth Theatre in Sarajevo is located in the center of the city, in Kulovica street. The actors here perform plays for children, and there’s usually one or two serious plays for adults every month.

The kids’ shows are amazing. They are fun, interesting and usually very educational. Most of the plays performed at the theatre are based on popular children’s stories – The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Princess And The Pea, The Little Prince and others. It can be incredibly entertaining for your child to see their favourite bedtime stories come to life.

The only issue with this is that the plays are usually in Bosnian. This might not work if you have an older child that doesn’t understand the language, since they won’t really understand what’s going on, so they won’t have as much fun.

But it could still be fun for the younger kids, since the performs are always wearing fun and colourful costumes and using lots of fun props. Some plays are actually puppet shows, and those will probably be the most fun for the kids.

Center for Education, Sport and Recreation Safet Zajko

In Sarajevo, you can spend a day in nature with your kids just 5 minutes away from the main road. And about 5 minutes away from the nearest tram stop – so it’s super convenient to get there.

The Safet Zajko Park is an outdoor recreational center that includes a lot of different activities for both kids and adults. Part of it is a sports centre, with a running track, a football pitch and a tennis court.

There’s also a large outdoor playground here, with slides, swings, seesaws and plenty of other fun activities for children. If you’re here in the summer, your kids can even go on a boat ride in the artificial pond, which is pretty thrilling for them. The decoration of the park is also lovely, since everything is very colourful.

This is definitely one of the best recreational areas in the urban area of the city, where there’s lots of things to do, but it’s still very close to the public transport.

Thermal Riviera Ilidža

How about some fun in the water? You can take your children to the Thermal Riviera Ilidža – a water park with indoor and outdoor thermal pools.

It will be very fun for the kids. There’s an indoor kiddie pool with a tiny little slide for the youngest, and the other pools are perfectly fine for kids that are a bit older. The water in the large pools is not too deep (about 1.5 meters), which is perfectly fine for children who know how to swim.

The outdoor pool is only open in the summer, and it can get very busy. Especially the area around the water slides – those are usually a favourite of the children. But there’s also an indoor water slide, sort of. The beginning of the slide is indoors, and then it takes you to a pool that’s half inside and half outside. This is the only slide that is open all year round.

In addition to all the fun in the water, the water park also features a small go-karting area for kids as well as a few trampolines. This is one of the places where you can spend an entire day with your kids, without them getting bored.

Things To Do In Sarajevo With Kids

Vrelo Bosne

If you’re up for a picnic with your kids, take them to Vrelo Bosne. It’s a nature preserve just south of Ilidža, and you can get there with public transport. Take the tram (number 3) and get out the very last stop. From there go forward for about 5 minutes – until you see the horse carriages.

The horse carriage will take you straight to the entrance to the nature preserve – the ride will be lots of fun for your kids, since they’re allowed to sit in the front with the coachman. Or you can choose to walk – it takes about 15 minutes of slow-paced walking to get there.

You’ll have to improvise some fun activities for the kids, as there aren’t actually a lot of things you can do here. Sure, there is a small playground with the staple equipment, but I think you can have a lot more fun if you just bring a football or some badminton rackets.

You can take your kids to see the swans here, which could be pretty fun. And a couple years ago you could go on a paddle boat ride across the lake. I’m not completely sure if that’s still the case, but be sure to check if you’re ever there, since those are also lots of fun.

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Things To Do In Sarajevo With Kids

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