The Worldly Adventures of Archibold Clutterbuck | Geography Education Platform

The Worldly Adventures of Archibold Clutterbuck | Geography Education Platform

Hello adventurers Archibold Clutterbuck here! Since we’re all in lockdown Karen has invited us along to do some Isolation Exploration with you. No reason we can’t travel and learn about the world from the comfort of our own sofa right?

Now we’re all doing homeschool geography lessons, we’ve been working hard to bring those lessons to life with some fun, free activities. Our geography education platform, The Worldly Adventures of Archibold Clutterbuck, has just released 7 free activity packs on the 7 Continents of the World. From the frozen, icy glaciers of Antarctica to the sweltering, animal rich savannahs of Africa, we’ve put together over 50 pages of fun activities for homeschoolers, teachers and parents to share with their children…and all for downloadable for free!

To download your 7 free activity packs. Simply click this link, sign up to our mailing list and tally ho, off on your adventure you go. Homeschool geography has never been so fun!

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Download your 7 free activity packs here

To make sure your children are ready to ace the activities head over to our free to use geography website where they can learn all about the 7 Continents in lots more detail. I’ll be there with my companion Beans the dog to guide your child through every Continent from Africa to Oceania. We also have lots more subjects to discover such Endangered Animals, the 5 Oceans, Indigenous People, Environments and lots more! We hope to see you on our site soon and help your children become Worldly Adventurers!

Also don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @archiboldclutterbuck for daily quizzes, fun facts and homeschool geography resources.

Happy adventuring!

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