The Monkey With No Bum Theatre Show

The Monkey with No Bum Theatre Show

“bum, bum, bum bum, bum bum bum, bum bum”. It’s offensively catchy and my 4 year old is still singing it whilst wiggling her derrière around the house.

I took a 4 and a 5 year old to watch “The Monkey with no Bum” at St Luke’s Bombed Out Church; the show is a musical adaptation of Asa Murphy’s 2020 children’s story of the same name. 

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It’s a 3 person show; Mr Plop, the headteacher of monkey school; Ms Jolly, the class teacher and Charlie the monkey who thinks his bum isn’t big enough and is in search of a new one. There is lots of audience interaction; the actors are experienced and react well to the audience and any unexpected events. This created a very inclusive and relaxed atmosphere. Children are invited on stage for the fruit picking song and are made to feel special by small individual interactions with the actors. 

The show would make an excellent inaugural theatre trip for young families. The actors are skilled at reacting to audience needs and the atmosphere is super relaxed and interactive. Children are encouraged to shout, wave and dance; adults are too! The show we saw lasted 40 minutes which is perfect for little attention spans and ensures that no one gets fidgety or bored. We loved the snack ordering service that St Luke’s provided.

You’re given a QR code on entry created from a free QR code generator; after scanning this, you enter your seat number and place your drinks/snack order, then it gets delivered to your seat! My girls thought it was magic; and I’m all about making theatre magical! Even if that involves chocolate buttons.

The show is advertised for 0-8 year olds but I think it’s more suited for 2-6; the story relies on understanding the aural narrative and lacks visuals to assist with this for younger children. That said, the engaging and energetic performances of Ms Jolly and Charlie the Monkey held my girls’ attention throughout. The show is a delightful mix between interactive storytelling and pantomime, “The Bum Song” was repeated at the end due to audience demand and the whole audience joined in. The characters were available for photo opportunities and stayed until all children who wanted to, had spoken and posed with them. The moral message of the story is that everyone is “perfect” in their own way and don’t need to change. This was lovely and my girls understood it wholeheartedly. An energetic and joyful afternoon for us with Charlie the Monkey!

“bum, bum, bum bum, bum……”

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