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Swimming in Splash About Float Jackets

Swimming in Splash About Float Jackets

Taking my three swimming always feels like the opening scene of Casualty i.e. the scene where you think why would they do that??  This has been particularly enhanced recently as Lily isn’t wearing any floatation kit as she is desperately trying to swim properly. That’s why it was fantastic to know that we could take them all to the pool and Izzy and Eve could be safe with their Splash About Float Jackets on.

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The girls loved wearing their jackets and they were really safe in the water.  They could swim about happily and we knew they would be safe.

As we have already reviewed a summer Splash About sun protection UV floatsuit, we knew they would be very buoyant.  They have 16 adjustable floats which you can remove as your child learns to swim, but for today with the twins, we needed all the floats in.


Perfect for taking multiples swimming.

They are very easy to get on and off. When we reviewed the UV floatsuit I noted that they were pretty tricky to get on and off.  These jackets solve the getting undressed for a wee problem. Whilst my girls had a swimsuit on, if we were using them again I might be tempted just to use bikini bottoms, so it is very easy to take them for a wee.

Very buoyant, kept my girls very safe in the water.

Attractive – they look good and I like the look of the patterned ones too.

Dry very quickly and you can take the floats out if you need to wash them.


Slightly bulky to pack for the pool.

They can unzip them themselves very easily and very quickly. Thankfully one of mine only did this when they had had enough and told me they were doing it. It does mean I will have to watch them more carefully in these though, in a way I didn’t need to in the float suits.

At £24.99 I would probably buy a UV floatsuit rather than one of these, as the float suits have UPF 50plus sun protection and I would be able to use them all year round.

We are actually in the fortunate position of having both jackets and suits gifted to us by Splash About UK for the purpose of this review, so we actually get the best of both worlds.

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Training Mummy

Monday 19th of January 2015

When I was one my mum had something similar to this for me and like you say they are easy to unzip. Mum and dad turned away for a second and I had mine off and jumped in the pool and that was me swimming. It must have given me the confidence to learn to swim. I wonder if I should get one for my daughter as she loves swimming and I would love to help her swim by herself sooner rather than later.


Monday 19th of January 2015

These are so clever - your girls look super cute wearing them too.



Katie LifeOnVistaStreet Haydock

Monday 19th of January 2015

I've been looking for something to keep little miss warm when we go swimming as our pool is also pre-Dino age. Would one of these do the job.

Mini Travellers

Monday 19th of January 2015


everything mummy

Sunday 18th of January 2015

they sound brilliant my girls aren't very confident in the water at all something like this would deb great as they just seem to bob under with are bands on. I really want to get into swimming with them this year! thanks for linking up to #sundaystars

Kat | Beau Twins

Tuesday 13th of January 2015

Sadly, I haven't had the chance to take the girls swimming yet! Desperate to though, need to gain some more confidence on my own for something like this - so one of these suits would help loads! We are hoping to go away this summer, private villa with pool so this is perfect!! Thanks for sharing lovely and again - SUPER adorable girls! xxxx

Mini Travellers

Tuesday 13th of January 2015

something like this would definitely help Kat, makes taking multiples swimming so much easier.

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