Travel Tips: Sevylor Madison 2 People Inflatable Kayak Review

Sevylor Madison 2 People Inflatable Kayak Review

We review the Sevylor Madison 2 People Inflatable Kayak

This review of the Sevylor Madison 2 People Inflatable Kayak is written from the perspective of one person who knows nothing about kayaks, and one who knows a little bit! So why, you may ask, do you want to read the review? Well the reason you want to read it is to find out exactly how easy it is to use when you’re a total novice.

The Madison 2 People Inflatable Kayak retails at around £399 from various outlets including Amazon which, when you are searching for kayaks, is definitely at the cheaper end of the scale.

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My hubby has recently been on a few kayaking trips and has been considering investing in a large fibreglass kayak.  Large fibreglass kayaks seem to start on eBay at circa £700, going up to a fairly significant amount for new ones or those of a better specification. It appears to be like bikes and once one gets involved in the sport, the sky is the limit on how much can be spent.

So when Sevylor asked if we would like to review the Madison 2 People Inflatable Kayak I thought this might satisfy the hubby’s need for a fibreglass kayak but that appears not to be the case.

Some kayaks it appears are built to race, some to use on rivers, others for the sea, but the Inflatable Kayak is built simply for fun and fun it really is.

Enjoying the Sevylor Madison 2 People Inflatable Kayak as a family
Kayaking as a family with the Sevylor Madison 2 People Inflatable Kayak

So what are the pros of the Sevylor Madison 2 People Inflatable Kayak?

  • It is incredibly quick to inflate, the first time we did it was less than 5 minutes.
  • Once it is inflated you simply put the seats into position and off you go.
  • It’s easy to throw in the back of the car, no roof rack, no straps, nothing – it can go in the boot (or on the back seat of the car).
  • It’s supplied with the paddles and the pump so you have everything (save for the lifejackets) you might need.
  • The paddles are light enough that the kids can use them easily.
  • It is all contained in a large sports bag so you can carry it on your shoulder. It’s light enough to get it in and out of the car but I wouldn’t want to carry it any distance.
  • It’s big enough for two people and to be honest I think I’d get an adult and both twins in as they are so light.
  • You sit quite low down in it so it feels like you’re supported on all sides. It also got the thumbs up from the kids who felt safe in it.
  • It steers pretty well (I’m told) on calm waters and mainly does what you want it to.
  • It looks amazing!

Why not watch our video of the Sevylor Madison 2 People Inflatable Kayak; getting it into the water and having fun!

Family kayaking with the Sevylor Madison 2 People Inflatable Kayak

So what are the cons of the Sevylor Madison 2 People Inflatable Kayak?

  • The paddles are quite light which is a pro for the kids but does mean you can’t get anywhere quickly in it.
  • It is a lightweight inflatable kayak so I would not advise taking it on the sea unless you are intending to stay close to the shore. The same caution should be taken with rapids on rivers.
  • I would advise drying out the kayak before packing it away but it does dry very quickly.
  • The paddles are a bit too long for children so getting a smaller kids paddle would help their fun.

The Sevylor Madison 2 People Inflatable Kayak is going to be a great addition to our Summer activities and whilst two the family play around on the lake, the other three of us can relax and wait for our turn whilst dipping our toes in the lake.

Children near the water

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  1. We just went kayaking for the first time with the kids yesterday, and were discussing whether we should get one for summer holidays. This inflatable one might be just the trick! Now to convince OH to part with the cash!


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