Review | Playmobil Summer Villa and travel sized Carry Cases!

Review | Playmobil Summer Villa and travel sized Carry Cases!

As we love all things travel related here at Mini Travellers, I jumped at the chance to try out the new Playmobil Summer Villa and some travel-sized carry cases with my kids. We were lucky enough to be sent the Summer Villa and the Dragon Knights, Action Go-Cart Racer and City Life Music Class carry cases in return for this review.

Playmobil Summer Villa and travel sized Carry Cases

About Playmobil

Playmobil has been around for decades, since 1974 in fact, so I can remember playing with them as a young child. There are still some of the little figures in the loft at my parent’s house and they always come out again when the grandchildren go to visit. The signature Playmobil figure is 7.5 cm tall and has a round cherub-like face. The head can turn side to side and the legs are hinged at the waist. The hands can hold different accessories. They are made of plastic, bright coloured and definitely stand the test of time. The range of figures, buildings, animals, vehicles and accessories is vast so there are plenty to suit all kids’ interests.

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Playmobil Summer Villa play set

Anyway, back to the Summer Villa. Wow, this is an impressive set-up. When my daughter unwrapped the packaging her eyes lit up and her jaw dropped. “This is the best dolls house ever!” she squealed. It didn’t take her long with the help of big brother to fit the Villa together and it’s safe to say that she has played with it non-stop since. It currently has pride of place in the middle of her bedroom floor!

Playmobil Summer Villa and travel sized Carry Cases

The Summer Villa is approximately 40 cm long, 13 cm wide and 26 cm tall. It boasts a fully-furnished kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms for both parents and children. Outside the front of the Villa there is a balcony with pink flowers and a cute butterfly, pot plants and gardening equipment, patio furniture and a barbecue, which all go together to make this holiday home the ultimate retreat for your Playmobil figures. The family included comprises of mum and dad, 2 children and a cat but obviously your children can interchange these with other figures if they like.

Playmobil Summer Villa and travel sized Carry Cases

The detail that has gone into creating the Summer Villa is extraordinary: the bathroom includes a shower, bath (with sponge and model fish!), toilet and sink unit. In the drawers children can store tiny model toothbrushes and toiletries. I love the inclusion of miniature sun cream bottles to really give a holiday vibe. In the kitchen there is miniature cutlery and crockery, a toaster and a range of food and drinks. I also really like the inclusion of miniature model postcards and pens, another nice holiday touch.

Playmobil Summer Villa and travel sized Carry Cases

It’s not just my four year old that is enjoying playing with this set, my two older boys age 6 and 8 have been joining in the fun too with the characters from the carry cases. Who know that there was buried treasure in the garden and a brave knight is on his way to find it? Or that dad’s friend has come to visit in his racing car for the summer BBQ party (which is complete with live band)? That is one of the things that’s so great about Playmobil: the sets mix and match and so the possibilities for imaginative play are endless. The size of the play sets are also ideal for integrating with other toys your child may have so, for example, Paw Patrol have been for tea at our Villa too!

Playmobil Summer Villa and travel sized Carry Cases

Playmobil Travel-Sized Carry Cases

When it comes to creative play, it is something I feel passionate about. The carry cases are ideal for children to take on long journeys, whether in the car, plane, train or ferry. They are relatively small but there’s space in them to throw in some extra characters and accessories, or maybe a few colouring pencils and a notebook too. I’m excited that the range has appealed to all three of my children and that when we go away in the summer in our caravan we can take playmobil toys as we know they are sturdy and will stand up to being bashed about a bit.

Playmobil Summer Villa and travel sized Carry Cases

The Playmobil range is aimed at children age 4+ due to the small parts it contains. It is widely available in toy shops, like Smyths or Argos, and supermarkets, or you can buy online. The Summer Villa retails for £59.99 RRP and the carry cases range in price from £8.99 to £13.99 RRP, depending on the set you want.

Playmobil Summer Villa and travel sized Carry Cases

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  1. Wow, Playmobil has certainly moved on since we had some! It certainly looks and sounds great. The carry cases are a great idea too much better than having to store pieces in a tatty cardboard box.


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