Review of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

Review of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

The Lowry Theatre felt as magical as the fabled wardrobe from CS Lewis’s famous book as my family and I waited for the curtains to open. It had been nearly two years since we last visited the theatre and I’d forgotten what an incredible experience it can be when a show is put together as well as this one. 

The story itself is now over 70 years old and remains one of the country’s best loved books, incorporating adventure, magic and wholesome themes which are as captivating to 11 year olds now (the age of the three boys with me) as they would have been in 1950 on the book’s release. 

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The set was every bit as detailed and as imaginative as you’d expect from a West End show and with not too much of a leap of imagination you could be there with the children shivering on a platform waiting to be evacuated from London to Scotland during the Blitz, or stepping through the wardrobe into a snow carpeted world of mystery and adventure. 

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The acting was flawless and the music played by the orchestra accompanying the show was stirring and perfectly in sync with the unfolding narrative. Equally impressive was the puppetry, from a majestic Aslan the lion to (hysterically) some tempting Turkish delights!

Overall this was an unforgettable experience and the three 11 year old boys accompanying me were mesmerised through itand thoroughly enjoyed it. My hope is that each one of them will now have an interest in the remaining Narnia stories which are a timeless and beautiful series of books. I recommend this for all ages from around 8 upwards and it runs until 15th January . If you can lay on your hands on some tickets don’t miss it!

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